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Advice and How-To's
Making a Simple Sling: An Illustrated Guide - Chris Harrison
Making a Braided Sling: An Illustrated Guide - Dan Bollinger
Making a Simple String Sling: An Illustrated Guide - Malik Lund
Chain Hitched Slings - S. A. Baldwin
La Honda Manchega (Sling in La Mancha) - Pio Santiago
Sierra Nevada Sling - Zorro
Making and Using the Venerable Hand Sling - Lynn P. Ballard
How to Build and Use a Traditional Apache Sling - L.W. Forsyth
Netted Sling Instructions - Matthias Borstad
Three Strand Braided Sling, Step by Step - Victor Escobar
Building a Golf Ball Sling Pouch - Bob Anderson
Instructions for Making Your Own Cupped Sling - Jeb Bolling

Tennis-overhand (Weaver) Style Overhand Release - Mark Weaver
A Simple Braided Sling in 20 Steps
- Jeff Holt

Sand Projectiles For City Slinging - Sean Badidles
Fifty-Second Bullets - Mark Findlay
Incendiaries - Douglas Meek
Making an Acorn Shaped Projectile - Ben Sumner
Making better Golf Ball Projectiles - Gunnar Watt
Slinging Advice for Beginners - Bill Blohm
Slinging Styles - David Taylor
How to Sling Underarm and Overarm - Chris Harrison

The Sling in Medieval Europe - Chris Harrison
David's Sling: A Piece of History - Ludwik Siedlecki
Humble Beginnings -
Andrew Hanke
The Chumash Sling - Paul Campbell
The Use of The Sling Among The Ancients -
Walter Hawkins

A Formidable Ancient Weapon - Rean Steenkamp

The Sling in Literature - Michael Gilleland
A Brief History of The Staff Sling - Alan Wong
Slinging technique - Barak Bruerd
A Brief History of The Sling - Chris Harrison
Roman Glands, Projectile Tests - Chris Harrison

Casting Lead Sling Bullets
- Paul Elliott
Why Going Backwards is Fun - Paul Elliott
The Way of The Sling - Jesús Vega
Slaying The Goliaths in Your Life
- Phil Chandler
My First Sling - Chris Harrison
Slingshots and Slings - Wayne L. Carter
Experiences With My Nine-Foot Sling - Chris Harrison
Slings, Bows and Other Misadventures - Eric M. Lyman

Other Topics
The Ballistics of The Sling - Thom Richardson
The Physics of The Sling - George Alsatian

Three-Cord Sling - Mike Greenfield
Slinging for Accuracy - Leon Robadey
Thoughts on The Philosophy and Ethics of The Sling - Ron Rammage
Sling Safety
Review of SnapCut's Whirling Hurler - Jozrdan Ziegenbein
Balearic Sling Competitions - Vicente
Slinging - Nikolas Lloyd
Staff Slinging - Nikolas Lloyd


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