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Other Websites

There is a lot of information online to enhance your knowledge and skill. I've pooled together everything I've found for your convenience. I've grouped together multiple pages of interest that are on the same site. If you find other interesting sites, let me know, and I'll add them. Please report broken links to

General Sling Links:

Slings from South America
Slings and Slinging
Slings and Stones in The Bible and Archaeology
To Sling or Not to Sling - That Was Never The Question
Lloydian Weapons: The Sling
Lloydian Weapons: Advice for the would-be slinger
The Sling Ancient Weapon
Information Headquarters: Sling
Practical Slinging
Els Foners Balears (Balearic Slingers)

The Sling - Wikipedia
Stefan's Florilegium - Slings
Primitive Skills - Slings
Traditional Games: The Sling Throw
Chumash Sling
The Slingshot in Antiquity
Neolithic Warfare
Slings at the Siege of Troy - Sling
Projectile Type Weapons of Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian Weapons
Hawaiian Combat Units & Weapons
Bible Stories - Hard to Believe?
Lloydian Weapons: The Staff Sling
The Staff-Sling: Guidelines for Construction & Use
The Shepherd
The 1911 Edition Encyclopedia - Sling
Ancient Sling Techniques
Cynewulf's experiments with a Staff Sling
As Told by The Ancient Hawaiians
Making and Using the Venerable Hand Sling
David's sling and stones - Were they toys or serious weapons?
A Chronological History of the Martial Arts and Combative Sports 1
A Chronological History of the Martial Arts and Combative Sports 2
English Translation for Braids of the Andes

Braiding Resources:

Four-Strand Round Braid with Core
Twist to braid
Willeke's Knotted Ideas
Braided Leather Knife Lanyard
The Basic Stitches
Knots on the Web
Anglo-Saxon and Viking Crafts - Braid, Weaving


Non English Links:

Shooting Techniques for the Sling and the Methods for Holding it (in Russian) (english translation)
Sling: projectiles and the methods of throwing in the antiquity (in Russian) (english translation)
Sling. Origin, device, and the materials (in Russian) (english translation)
Sling (weapon), Wikipedia (in German)
Els Foners Balears (Balearic Slingers) (in Catalan, Spanish, German, French)
Förhistoriska Jaktvapen: Slunga (in Swedish)
Slingerkogels in de ijzertijd (in Dutch) (english translation)
Etno-archeologie en steenslingeren (in Dutch) (english translation)

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Slings are dangerous weapons; exercise caution at all times. is not liable for damages. Sling at your own risk!


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