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Staff Slinging - Nikolas Lloyd

My technique is very simple indeed. I hold the staff in both hands and in one sweep bring the tip up and forwards in a vertical plane. The weight of the stone causes the cup to flip upwards, and carry the loop of
the free string off the hook on the end of the staff. It worked for me first time, and every time since. I find that I can comfortably sling larger stones than I would use with a normal hand sling, although the range I get is not much improved. The staff gives me a longer lever, and perhaps more importantly the ability to use both hands in the slinging action.

- Nikolas Lloyd


staffsling.mpg (Mpeg format, 1.4mb) (QuickTime format, 737k) (QuickTime format, 127k)

To download the movie, right click or ctrl click (for macintosh without two-button mouse) on the download link and choose "Save target as", "Download link to disk", or something similar.

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