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Review of SnapCut's Whirling Hurler - Jordan Ziegenbein

First, an apology. I received the Whirling Hurler and took a whopping three months to get around to writing this review. Though I admit I was taking my sweet time, these things cannot be rushed! It has allowed me to spend lots of time throwing with it in different environments, in different moods, and complemented the process of my experimentation with different sling styles and makes. Unfortunately, like any good sling, the whole experience cannot be put entirely into words, so you will need to get a Whirling Hurler for yourself.

This is a shot of the sling on top of my Macintosh
Notice the whipped release cord. The finger loop goes from a 4-strand to an 8-strand round braid

When I first received the Whirling Hurler, I was impressed by the styling and quality of it. The weave is tight, virtually no stretch, and it only required one modification. The end of the release cords were only burned together, but after a few ‘cracks’ it immediately began to fray, so I whipped the end and melted a nice big blob of nylon on the end. So far it has lasted more than a couple hundred throws with only a little bit of wear on that end, along with some mud-stains and rubbing on the lower end of the release cord (see the pics).

Here’s the woven pocket of the sling

When I took the sling out for the first run I was disappointed by its length. It measures a mere 29” (about the length of my arm) while my usual “short” sling is over 35”. I was also disappointed with the size of the pocket since it is much smaller than the generous leather pockets I cut for my other slings. But nonetheless, I had received this sling because SnapCut asked me to review it, not criticize it. So I opened my mind a little bit and started using it…

Here’s my 50” sling. The split doesn’t really help, except for large rocks. The release knot is a monkey fist
This is a 51” sling. I like the celtic knot I drew on the back. In the spirit of the “whirling hurler” this sling is named “the paladin of justice!!!”

I quickly realized that this shorter sling mandates smaller rocks. I moved from quarter-fist sized rocks to golf ball sized rocks. The mass of these rocks and the length of the sling allows for a very fast throw. I was used to cranking up 50” slings and pulling hard with my back and shoulder to throw long-distance shots. However, this little sling requires a fast snap from the shoulder and elbow to get serious velocity.

This is my newly finished sling. I haven’t even had a chance to try it out! The weaving of the cords took about 12 hours. It’s an 8-plaid braid with 1mm hemp. Someday I’ll figure out how to weave the pocket too!

This is my 35” sling. The release knot is just a wood ball

What a great rock! Notice the wear on the release part of the sling
The Whirling Hurler has a smooth release and, due to its minimal length and zero stretch, is very accurate. I am not a great slinger but I am the most consistently accurate with this sling. If you take a look at the first movie you’ll see what I mean. Sorry about the lousy footage – it was a movie taken with a digital camera. My target is a telephone pole about 30 feet away and I hit it dead on with the first rock of the day! You can hear my friend giggling about the sling’s most triumphant name and being silenced by its awesome power! Note: the first two throws are with the Whirling Hurler and the last is with my 35” composite sling.

Overall, I have grown to love the Whirling Hurler and it has earned a place among my favorite slings. It is also the only sling I own that I did not make. When I take my friends slinging it is a favorite and gets the most questions, to which I always have to reply, “NO, I didn’t make THAT one”. Thanks SnapCut for such a great sling!


Movies: (QuickTime format, 532k) QuickTime format, higher quality, 1.3Mb
WHMovie.avi (AVI format, 1.6Mb

To download the movie, right click or ctrl click (for macintosh without two-button mouse) on the download link and choose "Save target as", "Download link to disk", or something similar.

- Jordan Ziegenbein

© 2007