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Making an Acorn Shaped Projectile - Ben Sumner

The idea came to me one day while looking for suitable rocks at one of the local creeks I spotted the large acorn from the bur or burl oak tree (Quercus macrocarpa) laying in my path. I added it to the bag of rocks and headed home once home I made sure it was clean and not cracked anywhere. I then made a line that divided it into two halves then I made a small box out of cardboard and tape. Then I mixed up enough plaster to fill the box halfway and pushed the acorn in until the line was even with the top of the plaster you may want to rub a little oil or cooking grease on to the acorn to make it easier to remove. Now wait for the plaster to harden depending on the mixture it may be a few minutes to an hour for it to set up enough to proceed. After it has set rub the acorn and the plaster with more cooking grease so that your mold will come apart. Then mix up more plaster to fill the box let it sit till dry now comes the fun part opening it up and seeing if it worked. The two halves should pop apart with little to no effort needed. The acorn may need a little work to get it freed (I forgot to grease one half and had to destroy the acorn). Now its up to you on where to add the pour spout to the mold I put it on the top or the small end. To make the hole I taped the mold together and used a 1⁄4” drill bit turned by hand. Then it was outside to pour the first lead acorn. I began by making sure the mold halves where aligned I then taped them together and began to melt the lead. I used a dipper and a small propane torch. I melted just enough for one pour I knew the first wouldn’t come out right and they wont until the mold is warm. after the second pour they came out perfect just needed a little filling on the seams and around the spur which you can clip off with wire cutters . I was only able to get 5 good pours before the mold cracked I believe it cracked from being to thin. Then it was off to give one a try. Keep in mind my throwing style needs work. I was able to get it about 100 yards or so I wasn’t able to use full power for fear of taking out the neighbors horse or truck. It bounced on landing leaving a depression about 1⁄2” to 1” deep in the wet somewhat soft ground more testing to come.


- Ben Sumner

© 2007