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Balearic Sling Competitions - Vicente

The slingers throw at target made of from board with an iron circle in the center. Here is a schematic of the target:

And here a view of the real one:

In the modality aim, each slinger throws five stones from the following distances:
• Children and women 15, 30 steps
• Men 30 and 45 steps

(1 step = 65 cm)

The scoring is as follows:  
• Children and women: distance 15 steps, impact board = 1 point, impact iron = 2 points.
• Children and women: distance 30 steps, impact board = 2 points, impact iron = 4 points  
• Men: distance 30 steps, impact board 1 points, impact iron = 2 points.  
• Men: distance 45 steps, impact board 2 points, impact iron = 4 points.  
In total, they throw 10 stones each. The sum of their points is the final score, and awards are given to the top three in each category.
During the year, there are usually 12 to 15 competitions. At the end of the year, the top ranked man, woman, and child are proclaimed the champion of their category.

- Vicente

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