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Slinging - Nikolas Lloyd

I found that with a short sling, whirling the thing about first was counterproductive, and favoured the single swipe, which many others use too. It is possible to whirl it round far faster than one can cope with when it comes to releasing the stone. As the movie clip files show, I throw my whole body weight into the shot, and spring off my back leg. Also, by bringing my arm not quite to the vertical, but a little off to my right, I am able to use a strong combination of muscle groups, much like one is taught to throw a javelin in athletics.

- Nikolas Lloyd



slingback.mpg (Mpeg format, 1.3mb) (QuickTime format, 1.1mb) (QuickTime format, 123k)

slingside.mpg (Mpeg format, 2.1mb) (QuickTime format, 1.1mb) (QuickTime format, 193k)

To download the movie, right click or ctrl click (for macintosh without two-button mouse) on the download link and choose "Save target as", "Download link to disk", or something similar.

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