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Experiences With My Nine-Foot Sling - Chris Harrison

One such sling I made, with some friends, was nicknamed the “mucho mucho” due to its size and our lacking Spanish skills. It was an impressive 9-foot long!! It was made with some heavy-duty nylon rope and a large hardened leather pouch, perhaps 20 inch^2 in surface area. It fired bricks or fist-sized rocks. You could launch it on the ground, by loading the pouch on the ground and walking away from it until the cords were taught. The firer would then lift his/her arm as high as they could and attempted to get it twirling in a horizontal manner, much like a helicopter. When it got up to speed, maybe after a dozen forceful rotations, you could assume a slight diagonal twirl and carefully monitor your release. There was a great deal of air resistance due to the thick cords and large pouch, but we still managed to get around a 150-foot range with massive projectiles.

However, we soon monopolized a nearby picnic table. With our arms stretched high while standing on the table, we could just get it off the ground. The extra clearance allowed us to fire more normally and lower our arms from above our head to the side of us (still needed a slight diagonal twirl, but it was much more comfortable). Also, being able to lower our arms to a more manageable height enabled us to put in a great deal of power, ultimately extending our range about 50 feet.

I would imagine that with low-profile, high-strength cord and a smaller pouch, one could fire dense golf ball sized projectiles around 500 feet.


- Chris Harrison

© 2007