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Slinging - Nikolas Lloyd

The biggest obstacle I found to slinging is just obtaining a sling. Like most people I had to resort to making my own. After many frustrating failures I came up with this simple design. Although it is not made of traditional materials it is easy to make and it works. To make this sling you will need the following items: Some 1 inch wide nylon web strapping, one 72" long bootlace, a needle, some strong thread, a pair of scissors and a lighter.

First cut two pieces of the nylon strapping about 3 inches long each. Both pieces should be the same length. Use the lighter to melt the cut ends to prevent fraying.

Next cut the pieces into curves shapes as shown. You should make the cut from one corner to the opposite side about a third of the way down. Cut in a slight curve rather than a straight 45 degree angle. It is important to make sure the cuts on both pieces are identically. It is helpful to use the first cut as a template for your other cuts. Use the lighter again to melt the cut edges to prevent fraying.

After both pieces of strapping have been cut you sew them together to form the pouch. Start at one corner and sew the cut edges together as shown.

Next take the bootlace and fold in half to find the middle point. Sew the bootlace to the back of the pouch you made from the nylon strapping. Position the middle of the bootlace to the middle of the back of the pouch.

Now cut the tips of each end of the bootlace and melt the ends to prevent fraying.

Next loop one end of bootlace over and sew together as shown to form the finger loop. Then tie a knot in the other end. The distance from the pouch to the knot should be equal to the distance from the pouch to the top of the loop. This will ensure the pouch is level when loaded.

Lastly trim any loose threads and melt any fraying spots with the lighter. You sling is done and ready for use. Happy slinging!


(The sling pictured above is one I made for my nephew so the ends are shorter than for an adult sized sling).

Note: These instructions call of one 72" bootlace. This will make a sling suitable for the average adult. If you do not have a long enough bootlace, then use two smaller ones. If you are making a youth size sling, then you can use a shorter bootlace or use a single 72" bootlace and cut it down.


- Jeb Bolling

© 2007