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Acroballistics LD-1 Sling (Read 133 times)
Interfector Viris Spurii

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Acroballistics LD-1 Sling
Mar 27th, 2024 at 10:33am
Acro LD-1 sling description:
LD-1 stands for Leather pouch Dyneema cords 1st generation. The LD-1 sling was used for most of my long range hits.

The features of this sling are:
•      a very durable cupped leather pouch that can sling a great variety of ammo shapes
•      dyneema cords (the most abrasion resistant material I have used)
•      Acro release. Sewn leather release for light grip, powerful shots and high durability
•      a Leather finger loop for comfort

Youtube videos
shots at 100m https://youtu.be/eDn_YvdDDs8?si=bjzyJDEV0hWG2u9E
hit at 175m with a 3mm LD-1: https://youtu.be/uwBVH2bS8A8
Every time you use a new sling do it at a safe place in a safe way. Don’t sling near other people or animals. Don’t use a sling without a warm up. Increase the speed of your shots gradually.

Customization/Personalization for the LD-1 sling:

Length: This is the length from center of pouch to release knot.
Length and price(shipping included)
40-55cm 44.9eur
56-65cm 46eur
66-75cm 47.5eur
76-85cm 50.2eur
86-95cm 56.9eur
96-105cm 60eur
106-115cm 63.5eur
116-125cm 67.7eur

For loop size and grip type see the pictures. default loop is 8cm, type 2 on the middle finger
grip Type1:  the finger loop rests on a second finger (this is my preference)
grip Type2: the finger loop is on one finger (classic use of the finger loop)

diameter of cords: 3mm or 4mm (default is 4mm)

I am sorry but I am not able to mail to Germany.

How to get a sling:
1) e-mail me acroslinger@gmail.com
To make it easier copy-paste the e-mail template (see below) and fill any details and info needed.

2) I receive the e-mail and check if the necessary materials are ready and I send you a confirmation e-mail and paypal payment request.
3)Once I receive the payment I make the custom sling and mail it as soon as possible. Then I send you an e-mail to inform you that the sling has been shipped.

4) You receive the sling

---------E-MAIL TEMPLATE example-------------------------------------------------------------------------

To: acroslinger@gmail.com
Title: Acro LD-1 sling request

Hello Acro,
I want an LD-1 sling.

Length= 80cm (Release knot to center of pouch)
Grip= type 2 on the middle finger
Loop size= 8cm

Shipping information:

First Name:
Last Name:
Street Name:
Street Number:
Postal Code:
e-mail: by default I will use the e-mail we communicated with for the shipment. If you want me to enter a different e-mail write it here.

Optional shipping info---------------------------------------
Street Name Extension:
Street Specification:
District Number:
Parcel Locker:
Pick Up Point:

END OF EMAIL---------------------------------------------------------------
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