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Best sling ever. (Read 105 times)
xud9a - call me zud 👍

Ringing Slocks !

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Best sling ever.
Dec 22nd, 2023 at 5:20am
It's often said "the best things in life are free"
It's also said,
"You have to give a little to get something back".
If you are not sure what a "SLING IN THE HAT " is, it combines these two sayings.
It's so easy,
1, go to the post titled SITH 2023.
2, add your name to the list.
3, wait untill new year's Day when the names will be drawn from a hat.
4, exchange postal details (via personal message) with your draw partner.
5, send a sling you made (preferably a copy of your favourite) to that person.
6, wait for your BEST SLING EVER to arrive in the post.

You know it's the best sling ever because you were meant to have it and it's "free".

So don't think about it, just add your name to the SITH2023 list and look forward to a new and unique sling in your collection in the new year.


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