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Love = Insanity (Read 269 times)
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Love = Insanity
Mar 24th, 2023 at 10:57am
     I'm currently not in love with anyone but I was fairly recently.  Being in love is EXACTLY  the same as being insane.  For real.  Think about it.  You're living and dying on every exchange with your loved one.  Maybe you're writing poetry, whether or not you have any real talent for it, singing love songs on her voicemail, picking flowers, spending money you shouldn't be spending.... insane, stupid stuff.  Why would you do these things? They make no sense.  Besides all that if there are problems like infidelity or your lover using you in some way you will completely ignore the signs and believe just what you want to.  If friends try to tell you that maybe things aren't as you think they are you ignore or even get angry with them no matter how obvious it is that they're correct.  You walk around giddy and high all day believing that you're on top of the world. 
     Only when it's over do you realize that you were acting in a totally irrational manner.  You vow to never do it again but you probably will.  Insanity. 
      Right now I'm enjoying a nice, long period of peace from such things.  It's just the dogs and I these days and I'm fine with that.
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