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First Kiss (Read 176 times)
Rat Man
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First Kiss
Nov 8th, 2022 at 6:19pm
   Do you recall your first real kiss.  I sort of do but some of the details are hazy.  This is unusual for me because I have an excellent long term memory.  I think that if I had actually cared about the other party involved I would remember more.
    Anyway, we were twelve or thirteen and  on a school bus returning from some sort of extracurricular activity.  It was a long trip.  A girl I barely knew, Beth, changed seats to sit next to me.... very close to me.  Beth wasn't particularly pretty but she wasn't ugly either.  She was thin, glasses, with short brown hair.  At the time I was no prize either.  I was an extremely tall, skinny kid... sort of like a younger version of George McFly but taller and goofier. 
     Before I knew what was happening Beth put a lip lock on me.  It was a long trip and spending it making out with a so so girl would be better than gazing out the window for the next hour.  So we got it on.  It was definitely not Beth's first kiss.  That horny little girl certainly knew what she was doing.  Some of her friends started teasing her for making out with a dork like me and she defended me, which I liked. 
     We played tongue tag the whole way home.  We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves but we weren't in love.  We really barely liked each other.  It was, as Dad would say, an "any port in the storm" situation.  After that trip I never had any association with Beth again.  But I'll always be grateful to her for teaching me how to kiss.  She was a great instructor. 
    Hopefully that wasn't too boring.  Care to share the story of your first kiss?
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