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Acroballistics LP-4 Sling (Read 222 times)
Interfector Viris Spurii

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Acroballistics LP-4 Sling
Aug 31st, 2022 at 3:09pm
Acro LP-4 sling description:
LP-4 stands for Leather pouch Paracord cords 4th generation.

The generation is how many key changes I did to conclude to this design.
The development of the sling took 2 years, the main focus was to make a high performance paracord sling. It reached and surpassed the performance you can get from single paracord cords.

The unique features of this sling are:
ē      a very durable cupped leather pouch that can sling a great variety of ammo shapes
ē      Sewn 550 paracord that prevents core pretwists and makes loading easier and faster
ē      Raised leather for a very durable and smooth transition from pouch to release cord
ē      Acro release from Dyneema and leather for light grip, powerful shots and high durability
ē      a Leather finger loop for comfort

This is a limited-edition sling. I wonít make more of this design after I use all the paracord I have sewn. (Roughly 30m of paracord)
The time spent to make an LP-4 sling would make it cost +60euros but it will be at 37(+7 shipping)= 44 euros

Every time you use a new sling do it at a safe place in a safe way. Donít sling near other people or animals. Donít use a sling without a warm up. Increase the speed of your shots gradually.

For higher quality pictures:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=108510268659543&set=pcb.108511091992794
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/Ch73cYjrta8/

Customization for the LP-4 sling
Length: This is the length from center of pouch to release knot. You are free to choose anything between 40cm and 100cm. In case you choose more than 100cm the price will be adjusted accordingly.

For loop size and grip type see the pictures.

type1 and type2 grips:
Type1: one finger in the loop and the finger loop strap rests on a second finger (this is my preference)
Type2: the finger loop is on one finger (classic use of the finger loop)

How to get a sling:

1) e-mail me at acroslinger@gmail.com to make it easier and faster copy-paste the e-mail template (see below) and fill any details and info needed. And choose payment method.

2) I receive the e-mail and check if the necessary materials are ready:

† †† † a) and I send you a confirmation e-mail that contains paypal and/or bank payment request links (you choose the one you prefer)
† †† † b) or I inform you that I donít have the materials
† †† † c) or that I will communicate again later because I canít mail it within the week. (this is done to avoid having more requests than materials or time available).

3)Once I receive the payment I make the custom sling and mail it as soon as possible. Then I send you an e-mail to inform you that the sling has been shipped.

4) You receive the sling

---------E-MAIL TEMPLATE example-------------------------------------------------------------------------

To: acroslinger@gmail.com
Title: Acro LP4 sling request

Hello Acro,
I want an LP-4 sling.

Length= 80cm (Release knot to center of pouch)
Grip= type1
Loop size= 5.6cm

Payment method:

choose either by Paypal e-mail request (you can pay as guest or log in to paypal) or Revolut bank request link.

Shipping information:

First Name:
Last Name:
Street Name:
Street Number:
Postal Code:
e-mail: by default I will use the e-mail we communicated with for the shipment. If you want me to enter a different e-mail write it here.

Optional shipping info---------------------------------------
Street Name Extension:
Street Specification:
District Number:
Parcel Locker:
Pick Up Point:

END OF EMAIL---------------------------------------------------------------

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Interfector Viris Spurii

Posts: 1044
Re: Acroballistics LP-4 Sling
Reply #1 - Sep 13th, 2022 at 2:03pm
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