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Making the swap to index finger loop (Read 84 times)
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Making the swap to index finger loop
Jun 20th, 2022 at 12:06pm
While in the sling cage today I gave the index finger loop a serious try  ... inspired by Arcaic Arms his use of this grip and his excellent performance

I think it's my new go to loop position. I don't understand how and why, but it feels great and I get a cleaner spiral spin with less effect/curve compared with the loop on the middle finger. There are of course so many individual factors that determine a release that this may not be true for everyone

Tecnica de precision, while very secure on the projectile, does give me too many fouls than I like to permit and grabbing both release and retention together, doesn't feel as clean releasing as holding only on to the release cord and letting go.  But going to a middle finger loop, feels too insecure on the projectile during pre rotation. This loop on the index finger feels like a perfect solution.

Somehow I've always neglected the index finger loop position. Even though it was the position I started out using when I first began as a 12 year old boy. Later I thought it wasn't a good position because it looked awkwward to me for achieving a rifle spin-- but in practice it just happens perfectly well

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Re: Making the swap to index finger loop
Reply #1 - Jun 23rd, 2022 at 5:06pm
It is my go-to grip when using a smooth, flat cord release. This is because I find I have better grip on the cord, I find there is less loop-chafing, and the sling rotates better. The grip feels repeatable.
With a knot, the loop on the middle finger feels better to me.
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