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A Funny Thanksgiving Story (Read 74 times)
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A Funny Thanksgiving Story
Nov 20th, 2021 at 3:57pm
    It was around 1981.  I was going to college on the old Vietnam Era GI Bill and working as a security guard at Certainteed Fiberglass.  I had an apartment with my girlfriend Marie who later became my wife.  Security guard jobs generally pay the minimum wage so suffice to say we were dirt poor. 
   It was a day or two before Thanksgiving and Certainteed was giving away a turkey to every employee.  In our situation a free turkey would be a big score so I was looking forward to bringing one home.  There was a supervisor named Kurkas.  Every company has a supervisor like Kurkas.  He was a universally hated prick. He went out of his way to be an ass.  One of the lesser supervisors, Bill Williams, grabbed my turkey from the pile and was about to walk it out to my guard shack when Kurkas stopped him.  "He doesn't work for Certainteed.  He works for Piquet Security.  NO TURKEY!"  If I didn't need the job I probably would have flattened his nose but I had to eat it. 
     The shift was over and guys were leaving, each with a free turkey to take home.  One of the guys, Dave Brown, walked through my guard shack on his way out.  He had an extra turkey hidden in his bag.  "Screw Kurkas! Happy Thanksgiving!"  Cool.  So now I had a turkey.  We would eat.
     A few minutes later the supervisor, Bill Williams, walked through my guard shack.  ")(*^ Kurkas!  Have a turkey!"  Cool.  Now I had two.  I hid them under the counter in case Kurkas came by. 
     A few minutes later he did come by.  He was feeling guilty and had a turkey for me.  Marie was pleasantly shocked when I came home with three free turkeys.  We at good for a while.  True story.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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Re: A Funny Thanksgiving Story
Reply #1 - Nov 24th, 2021 at 10:23am
Nice one Thumbs Up
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