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Albert Comas, new president of the Balearic Federation of tir de fona (Read 486 times)
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Albert Comas, new president of the Balearic Federation of tir de fona
Nov 19th, 2021 at 3:52am


After a somewhat troubled period as far as Tir de Fona is concerned, a new stage has finally been reached with the election of Albert Comas Riutort as president of the Balearic Federation of Tir de Fona (FBTF).

Once the protocol has been signed by the general director of Sports , Carles Ganyalons , only a few formalities are missing for the definitive confirmation of the new president.

As the previous president Pep Ribas did not call elections in the Olympic year , as is mandatory according to current regulations, the General Directorate of Sports appointed a management committee managed by the clubs , with the presidency falling on Albert Coma s together with Joan Oliver , from Sóller , and Magda Humbert , from Menorca. When opting for the presidency, Comas had to resign and was relieved by Oliver until the electoral process was completed.

In addition to Albert Comas, president of the Club Foners Ciutat , the previous president, Pep Ribas , also stood in the elections .

The electoral board chaired by Juanjo Caballero certified that seven votes, of the eight clubs that could vote, had been for Comas and only one for Pep Ribas (JASA of Eivissa).

After a period of 30 years as president of the late Mateu Cañellas , who laid the foundations of the federation and turned it into a federated sport with great results, and after eight years of the stage of the Ibizan Pep Ribas a new stage opens in the tir de fona balear, in which they hope to relaunch a modality considered the oldest in the world and in which the Mallorcan slingers were the greatest exponent worldwide. 
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Re: Albert Comas, new president of the Balearic Federation of tir de fona
Reply #1 - Nov 19th, 2021 at 6:47am
This may be translation issues, but I don't particularly like the wording of this. Highlighting the difference between the islands seem a bit divisive. Anyway, I just hope international competitions are still held and I get to go sling with a load of cool people every year.
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Re: Albert Comas, new president of the Balearic Federation of tir de fona
Reply #2 - Nov 19th, 2021 at 8:10am
There has always been a lot of inter island rivalry.
Pretty much normal for people. Just look at Britain.
Harmonious, it's not.

The last international was pure pep.
And that's definitely what he's concentrating on.
So that should be safe.
Whatever your opinion, you know where you stand with pep, and the guy gets things done.

Can't mentally place Albert comas, must know him, but Magda and Joan Olivera are both top notch stand up people who are both keen on the international side of things.

So, as they say, we shall have to wait and see what transpires.

But on the whole, it's not looking bad Smiley
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