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Pet Appreciation Thread (Read 1443 times)
Curious Aardvark
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Re: Pet Appreciation Thread
Reply #15 - Dec 30th, 2021 at 9:44am
well phoebe is a bit odd in that, she orefers raw meat still warm and with it's fur coat on.
And she won't steal from surfaces.
Which is always a great trait in a big dog Thumbs Up

So, freshly caught squirrels and rabbits - they go down in one piece. She eats them like snakes do - head first, in one lump, how on earth she can swallow a decent sized rabbit whole, I have no idea - but she does.
She also catches and kills them without ever drawing blood. So again, kills like a constrictor.
Either asphyixiating or breaking their necks by shaking. 
We've never had another dog quite like her Smiley

Dream, on the other hand, loves all raw meat and when I'm doing the pheasants and ducks, he gets the hearts.
As they're generally birds he's retrieved or sprung (hence the name: springer spaniel) I figure he's earned the squidgy little treats.

In the uk the hearts of wild fowls are the offal least likely to have parasites. I wouldn't touch the liver or kidneys and certanly wouldn't give them to the dogs.

Phoebe won't eat raw hearts, she will eat other raw meat if I'm cutting it up or making sausages, she's there - but offal, nope.
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