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Your Bucket List (Read 122 times)
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Your Bucket List
Jan 23rd, 2021 at 7:12am
   Of course there are things on my bucket list that are ridiculous and will never happen like having Selena Gomez or hitting the lottery big.  Of the things that could reasonably happen there are two.  There used to be three but the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2017.
    First is outliving my three dogs so they never have to be rehomed or wind up in the pound.  The two Huskies, Pandora and Max, were supposed to be raised by daughter Kate and I but not quite a year after that deal was made she moved to Virginia.  Benji was my ex gf's (Chrissie) mother's dog.  "Hon, can you watch my dog for two weeks while I get a new apartment?"  "Duh, sure. Why not?"  She moved to California. (I live in New Jersey)  So I absorbed Benji.  The Huskies turned six last October and Benji will be five in a few weeks.  I'm sixty six.
    Second is dancing on tRump's grave. 
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