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SITH 2020 (Read 13880 times)
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Re: SITH 2020
Reply #300 - Jul 27th, 2021 at 8:12am
That's awesome Mersa!

Although you can't make a post like that and not include a picture.
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Re: SITH 2020
Reply #301 - Jul 27th, 2021 at 2:47pm
I mean, I was really going for the record - previoiusly held by tomas whistle
I make it around 19 months late.

In my defence, most of the stuff I put in the parcel hadn't even been made in 2019, and a couple of bits are complete one ofs.

So I did my best to make up for the 'delay' Smiley

The parcel actually spent 10 days in the uk waiting on a flight to australia.
Once it landed in oz, only took 3 days to get to mersa.

I had not realised but most international post is carried by commercial passenger planes as cargo.

So with there being hardly any passenger flights from the uk to australia at the moment, we had to wait a week and a half for some cargo space to become available.

This is also why international postage costs have trebled in the last year.

Assuming air travel ever gets back to pre-pandemic levels, I bet the bastards won't put the postage back down.

A small parcel 200-500g to the states is now 16.60
And that's not even tracked - add another 3 for tracked.

It's kind of put the kybosh on the mould selling  business, I can tell you !

And i also have a couple of slingbaskets slings.
really interesting design and they throw well.

But I'll let mersa tell you what he actually got, lol
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