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Oops! (Read 152 times)
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Oct 24th, 2020 at 3:22pm
    I don't believe I've ever shared this story here before.  This occurred at miserable hell hole Ft. Campbell, Kentucky in 1977.
    I was an MP in the 101st Airborne.  One of my friends, Sgt. Bera (of course we called him Yogi) lived in a trailer just off base.  The trailer park was occupied mainly by military families.  Yogi decided to throw a three day booze party. As anyone who has been in the military can tell you, drunken debauchery is a way of life. 
    Any MP not on the duty roster that weekend was invited to the party.  Day one went as expected, with bad women present and disgusting amounts of alcohol being consumed.  We drank so much beer that the stack of empty cases eventually grew taller than the trailer.  During the evening of day two a few of us decided that we had to leave the party to make a run.  I don't recall what for exactly; probably more beer.  One of the guys, I don't recall his name, was an authorized salesman  for the strobe lights used on police cars.  Because of that he was allowed to have a set on his personal car, a Ford Bronco,  as long as he never turned them on while on base. 
   We completed the run and arrived back at the trailer park.  We decided to make a grand entrance back into the party.  As we pulled up to Yogi's trailer the driver switched on the strobe lights and skidded into the parking space.  We threw open the door and hollered "OK, MO*(^R  F(*&ERS, NOBODY MOVE... THIS IS A BUST!!! The realization hit instantly like a ton of bricks. We were in the wrong trailer.  Worse yet, sitting at the table were two dudes.  One looked like former military and the other looked active.  On the table they had an immense amount of pot, maybe a kilo.  They were breaking it up into baggies for sale. 
     We had no authority to make a bust off base and no probable cause to break into these guys' trailer.  Now this was 1977 in Kentucky.  That much pot was a really big deal.  The guys at the table sat there like wooden Indians, their mouths wide opened.  They were in shock.  "Uh, we're sorry sir.   Uh, we have the wrong trailer.  Just forget we were here."  We slowly backed out the door hoping to not get shot.  We drove to the right trailer and continued on into day three of the booze orgy.  What sticks in my mind after all these years was the look on those poor saps faces.  It was like they were made of stone.  Mouths wide open, they didn't even blink. 
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