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Links to 'History of the sling' and the wiki (Read 5766 times)
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Links to 'History of the sling' and the wiki
Jul 22nd, 2013 at 7:40am
Honderos 'History of the sling'

The wiki homepage

And no I still don't know where the wiki contents have vanished to. But Honderos book is all there Smiley

And, No I have no idea what the password is. Wiki might still be there if anyone knows aht the access password is. noidea

Unfortunately it was all setup long before I became admin and I don't think chris knows much about it either.

It was probably one of matthias projects. And he seems to have been swallowed by a whale (he used to (maybe still does) design and field test commercial fishing nets).

Any information - passwords etc would be gratefully received  Wink

OKay I've just gone through the wiki folder on the server and I can categorically state that it's all still there -  approx 3 gigabytes of data.
Why it's not showing up as accessible information - I don't know.
And it was playing silly buggers before I updated the forum - so I'm pretty sure this one, isn't my fault Smiley

So it's all still there - we just have to work out how to access it again.
But hey, that's good news right Thumbs Up   
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