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Slinging.org Business Card Design Competition (Read 4953 times)
Curious Aardvark
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Slinging.org Business Card Design Competition
May 19th, 2011 at 8:36am
What with one thing and another I think it would be a good idea if we had a simple to reproduce Forum Standard business card that members could carry and hand out either when discussing slings with someone, or teaching/demonstrating slinging at events.

This will be a pdf file that can be printed out and cut up into wallet/belt pouch sized business cards.
This way you will be able to print out on card or paper - depending on your personal preference. Card is obviously better but can be expensive.

Given the global membership - the winning card will need to be able to be translated into a variety of different languages. So don't make the text too complicated (As I I've just realised I did lol)
Once this is done the winning card will be translated in a variety of languages and I will post the pdfs up with permament download links. I'll also post a universal editable file up so you can print your forum username on the back of the cards.

To get you started this is something I knocked up this morning.

If you don't already have the ability to produce a pdf file, click the link below and install pdfcreator.
make sure you UNTICK both the set yahoo as searchengfine and install sourceforge toolbar.  Neither is necessary.
The program will then install as a printer. To create a pdf document simply design it in the program of your choice and use the pdfcreator printer to print. This converts the document and saves it as a pdf file Smiley


As it's a competition we're going to need prizes and possibly rules (and we all know how I feel about rules lol).

Rules (more may be added later):

1) All cards must be your own work. And no more than Three entries per person. If you have lots of ideas - I only want to see the three best Smiley

2) Design the card as a full size a4/letter sized document and either save it as an image file (jpg or pdf are preferable, but I can handle any image format and most document formats).

One reason for saving as a pdf or image file is that you are going to be using fonts and possibly pictures exclusive to your computer. A pdf or image file gets round this and gives universal accessibility.
Remember that the final card will be printed out approximately 1/16th of a4. So lots of really fine detail will most likely be wasted.
If in doubt about what this means pm me with any questions or print out the example above.

3) All entries to be submitted to me as email attachments (click my username and under personal information click the email link).
I will then pick the ones I consider to be the best and post them up in a poll. In the event of  a close call or draw, I and the other mods will be the final arbitrators in picking the winner Smiley
As well as emailing the file to me - also pm me that you've sent the email. I get a lot of spam so it's useful to know something's been sent, in case i have to go look in the spam folder Smiley

4) Closing date for the comp will be announced later, or when I feel I've got a sufficiently varied set of entries to make it a decent competition.  

So as it's a competition we want prizes.

I'm going to put up a gerber Recoil Multitool.
Brand new, still in original packaging. Now as this does have a fairly serious locking knife blade, if you're under 16 I will need some sort of parental agreement if you win. We can worry about that once we've got a winner though.

5) All rules etc subject to change or modifcation if I or someone comes up with a better idea or way of doing things Smiley  

I'm also looking for other site members to maybe donate a sling or some sling making material to the prize fund.
Let's make this worth winning shall we Smiley

So here's the first prize, Has springloaded pliers (yes it's a switch-plier) and a variety of tools that all lock, comes in original packaging with ballistic nylon belt sheath:


And of course you get the kudos of designing the official Slinging.org business card. Smiley

So get to designing !

click below for discussion thread Smiley
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