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Synthetic Sinew? (Read 683 times)

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Synthetic Sinew?
Sep 10th, 2004 at 6:43pm
New (completely) to slinging. Wanting to make my own. Read most all the howto stuff on slinging.org. Reading and thinking, the Apache Sling seems pretty spot-on. Why? 1)One swing, done. Good for hunting/defense/offense. A target will sit there untill you hit it or collect it. Prey/enemy will flee/attack. 2)Inelastiic. Calculus (do the math, bozo, or just think about it) the aim point changes [for an elastic string] with the mass of the slung object because the mass of the slung object changes the radius. From those experienced ?? is that a significant change ??

Off to the local leather strore (The Leather Factory).  Decide to try "Arificial Sinew" P/N 3610-00.
Seems inellastic. Melts under flame, can easily seal ends.

?? feedback ??

Currently braiding a six strand. Damn! Braiding is hard on the hands! Or, more probably, I'm just soft Smiley.

Informational - I've done bow, slingshot, knife throwing in my (long long ago) youth. In later years i became a proficient point-and-shoot handgun person. Um, so I realize it will be thousands of rocks and several years before I become proficient.

What I want is to start "correctly". Whatever "correctly" is, or may be.
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Re: Synthetic Sinew?
Reply #1 - Sep 11th, 2004 at 12:51pm
The main thing about slings is that they are all used pretty much the same way (or ways) - there are various styles and they are applicable to all slings.  So any sling can be used in the simple overhand style.  It is best to develop a range of styles, not just one, because different styles are used for different things.  Personally, I only throw vertically, underhand and over, but I can do a few other styles.  The Apache sling does seem like a good sling. I personally recommend JeffH-style slings - probably the best style in my opinion (so long as you can braid and can get some leather) - I only occasionally get leather, so I do use other styles of sling, but I like the shape and style and reliability of the design.  See if you can find some images (I am sure there are some.)
 Use whatever cords you want, so long as they are inelastic - artificial sinew seems like a good choice.  I only use natural, home made cordage at the moment, but I used to use nylon, cotton, jute, anything.  Good luck - you may find you are getting good at slinging quicker than you think.
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Re: Synthetic Sinew?
Reply #2 - Sep 11th, 2004 at 6:11pm
Pitching for distance comes along pretty fast.  Pitching for accuracy, .....very much another story, and I dont know anyone who will claim to be really good in that department.

And this brings us to using only rotations in a vertical plane.   It helps a lot with the accuracy, and limits the number of unfortunate mishaps.   Also use only smooth-surfaced ammo.

To stay humble and maintain appreciation for your sling, pitch an occasional rock just by hand to note the huge difference in launch speed and range.

Welcome to this great community.    mgreenfield
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