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Arrows (Read 1008 times)
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Aug 23rd, 2004 at 11:40am
We go on about bows, but what about arrows?  What points do you use?  What feathers for the fletch, and how do you attach them?  What wood for the shaft and what diameter?
  My preferences are:  Ever since I have been flintknapping, I have made lots of arrowheads.  I am probably better at arrowheads than knives or spearheads.  I have made two "Cahokia" points which I am so proud of I don't actually shoot them often.  I just like to look at them.  I also use a few bone points, because bone is easy to shape.  I also have one slate point with a serrated edge, which I saw in "The Encyclopedia ofNative American Bows, Arrows and Quivers."  I sometimes use hardwood when I get lazy.
  I like turkey feathers for fletching when I can get them.  I used pheasant once, for a Mongolian style arrow.  Most often, I use goose.
  I bind the fletchings on, rarely using glue.  I use a Medieval binding sometimes; ie, the thread is wrapped around the fletch all the way along.  You know what I mean.  However, my favourite is the Eastern Native American binding, of binding on the fletch only at the top and bottom and twisting it a little around the shaft, for increased accuracy.
  My favourite wood for clout is ash, then maybe hazel.  Willow is the medium shaft I use.  For flight arrows, I use footed cat-tail stalks as arrow shafts.  They are wonderful, with small flint heads.
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