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More knives (Read 1749 times)
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More knives
Jul 28th, 2004 at 9:40pm
Here is a pic of most of my small, but utilitarian and much used collection:

Camp Scissors - scissors, knife, wrench, bottle opener, saw, wire stripper, etc.  I use this to cut all my thinner leather items.  It comes apart into two to use most of the extras
Top Row:
1-Old Timer 18OT; small, light single blade with bolster lock.  I used to carry this every day until I got my leatherman Micra.
2-Leatherman Micra; Carry this every day, got it for $4 on ebay by buying a "lot" of 10.  Got them for family for Christmas last year.
3-Old Timer 60T; passed on from family member, never used, three blade "stockman" style.
4-Old Timer 194OT; single blade with bolster lock, larger version of 18OT.  (Got them at the same time) With leather sheath I made.
5-Opinel #8 with leather sheath I made for it.  I absolutely love this knife.  Like the Old Timers, it has good steel that will hold an edge.
6-SUPERKNIFE with sheath I made for it.  This uses replacable utility blades. It has a bolster lock.  Great knife, everybody should get one.
Bottom row:
1-Pock-Its sheath; holds flashlight and leatherman tool and accessories and batteries.
2-Leatherman original with sheath.  Great tool!
3-Leatherman Wave with sheath. Greateast Tool!!
4-Craftsman multitool with sheath.  Made by Schrade (who also makes Old Timer knives).  This is a massively strong tool with a good selection of sub-tools.
Butcher knife that was being thrown away.  I use this for chopping duties in the yard that are not big enough for an axe.  I serves as a small machete.

I carry the Leatharman Micra every day in my pocket to the office and church.  When I am working around the yard, house or anywhere building something, I carry the Leatherman wave and Superknife. I keep the Leatherman Original in the Pock-its with a flashlight by the bedside in case of night time emergencies.  I carry the Craftsman (Schrade) tool in my satchel to work.  I use the Opinel for finer work befitting its noble heritage.

I'm not so much a collector as a user.  I like to use stuff, and knives come in right handy!

Jeff <><
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Re: More knives
Reply #1 - Jul 29th, 2004 at 4:20pm
Love the leathermans!  Greatest tool innovation since man first whacked a tree with a sharp rock.
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