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Slingers versus archers (Read 15045 times)
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Re: Slingers versus archers
Reply #45 - Feb 18th, 2004 at 3:01pm
Which were the advantages on a conventional arrow? It was almost a crossbow...
 Yes, it was almost a crossbow.  when the Mongols invaded India, they reported, in Secret History of the Mongols, that the Indians were using crossbows, when in fact they were using the arrow guides.  The advantages of using the dart are that they could go further and hit harder, because you are giving the same power to a much smaller projectile, which is lighter, etc.  So they worked very well.  Especially as the bows used by both the Koreans and Indians are strong composite bows.  Similarly, the crossbow is actually a much stronger weapon than the simple bow, or composite bow, and the arrow guide relies on much the same principle.  Anyway, in Korea, traditional archery is encouraged, but I believe, because of an accident with an arrow guide, they have been banned.  That may be slightly wrong, but I don't know.
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Re: Slingers versus archers
Reply #46 - Feb 18th, 2004 at 8:59pm
Here is the link to polish site about the world archery achievements. I'm simply shocked, some distance are terirfic. I'm not able to translate it now. Anyway, the peoples' names, dates, tensions and the ranges are readable for all, some other words probably too. If someone is interested, I will try sumarize selected fragments.


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In the shape, structure and position of each stone, there is recorded a small piece of history. So, slinging them, we add a bit of our history to them.
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