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anybody in special fx business? (Read 1220 times)

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anybody in special fx business?
Jan 31st, 2004 at 7:55pm
i have noticed alot of the posts about glandes eventually come around to how a projectile is released from the sling and how it flies thru the air... does it tumble end over end, or stay point forward, or does it generate it's own lift because of it's aerodynamics? most of these questions seem to be heatedly debated, and have no practical way to be answered.

it seems like these theories could be test with motion capture technology like they use in movies for choreographing CGI characters. put a guy in a motion capture suit and give him a sling with all the reference marks on it, projectiles with reference marks, and let him rip a few times... catch that all on film and analyze it with the motion capture software and we would be able to tell how all these different types of projectiles behave...

that being said, i personally believe that just about anything released from a sling will spin, unless it is some type of dart like the cestrophendon uses... i could be wrong, but it would be cool to find out either way.

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the others don't understand this obsession. the others never held a sling.
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