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Where to Sling (Read 1867 times)
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Where to Sling
Nov 9th, 2003 at 2:28pm

We have talked about this in different posts but I thought it may be helpful to have it all in one place. Where can we go to sling that has lots of ammo and room to sling and not damage anythings?

As you know, I have a great place with the concrete plant near my house. They recycle old pavement and have 20' high piles of it. After hours, my son and I go there. You can see pics of it under "general discussion"
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These are some other ideas I had:
Rivers usually have lots of nice smooth stones.
Lakes often do as well.
Gravel pits.
Rail Road tracks are usually in out of the way places and the crushed rock around the tracks are often of usable size.
If you can find a rubber ball that does not bounce too much, try finding a large brick wall and make a target on it with duck tape and sling at it. If you have reasonable control you will not have to chase the ball too much. It will bounce back so you will not need a whole bag of "ammo" School buildings, backsides of shopping areas, movie theaters are all things that come to mind.

I know that if I didn't have the concrete place to go to I would be hard up for places to sling. What other ideas you you all have?
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Re: Where to Sling
Reply #1 - Nov 9th, 2003 at 2:57pm
School football, or soccer fields (golf balls are easy to find in the grass), Golf course driving ranges during the evening when nobody is there, construction sites (lots of rocks lying about), Some parks and recreational areas (might check the sign board for rules), already mentioned; rivers or large creeks are good.
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