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Message started by Rat Man on Apr 28th, 2024 at 9:56am

Title: You're Going to be on Naked and Afraid
Post by Rat Man on Apr 28th, 2024 at 9:56am
You've decided to take the plunge and go on Naked and Afraid. 
1.  How would you prepare?
2.  What are your strengths and weaknesses?
3.  What mistakes do other contestants make?
4.  Could you finish?  What would make you tap? 

Title: Re: You're Going to be on Naked and Afraid
Post by Rat Man on Apr 28th, 2024 at 10:04am
    I'll start the ball rolling here.  As soon as I knew I was going to apply I'd put my shoes away.  It is very possible to get your feet very tough, so you can walk over almost anything, in only three month's time.  I did it once when I was a teenager.  For one whole Summer I never wore shoes.  Feet can get amazingly though.  That would be a big advantage on Naked and Afraid. 
     Also I'd go in with some extra fat on me since all survival shows are basically starvathons.  I don't mean go in so fat that you can't move properly but twenty or thirty extra pounds wouldn't be a bad idea.  That would be no problem for me since I'm already there. 
    And yes, at my age me being naked is certainly something to be afraid of. 
    What are your thoughts? 

Title: Re: You're Going to be on Naked and Afraid
Post by Rat Man on Apr 29th, 2024 at 5:57pm
OK, another thread is bombing.  That seems to be the norm on Other Topics these days.  I think it's a good topic so I'll prime the well a little more.
    Some mistakes that contestants make... the first involves shelters.  They're usually too elaborate and take too much time and effort.  A teepee or lean to is the way to go.  Simple, quick, effective.  This isn't a pretty shelter contest.  Also contestants will "complete" their shelter on the first or second day then do nothing else to it the rest of the challenge.  Wrong!   You should be adding to and improving your shelter every day.  It's never done.
      Another is chopping wood.  Everyone wants to be Paul Bunyan.  Chopping, chopping, chopping is a total waste of valuable energy.  As kids we built our shelters with no tools at all.  No wood chopping.  And we made darned good ones.  Chopping firewood... a totally unnecessary endeavor.  Make your main campfire outside of your shelter.  Then let your fire do the chopping.  Burn your sticks and logs in half, then in half again, as many times as necessary.  Easy.  You are in a starvathon. You want to conserve every calorie and bit of energy possible.  Camp easy and smart. 
     Also most of the challenges are done in areas with dangerous predators.  Therefore the very first thing I would do after meeting my naked partner is make a six foot spear.  There is no way I'm walking around a place where animals want to eat me without one. 

Title: Re: You're Going to be on Naked and Afraid
Post by IronGoober on Apr 30th, 2024 at 5:54pm
I think getting mentally prepared for being cold and bug-bitten would be another big thing to prep for, and being used to being dehydrated. Just readying yourself for regular misery would be a big benefit. I think the constant discomfort is what makes most people quit.

Title: Re: You're Going to be on Naked and Afraid
Post by joe_meadmaker on Apr 30th, 2024 at 11:49pm
IG is along my line of thinking.  Intentionally introducing stress triggers helps the body adapt to them.

I like the idea RM, of toughening up the feet.  I would totally do that.

But rather than fattening up (which I'm also already pretty good on) I would start doing stretches of time fasting.  I've done intermittent fasting before.  It's definitely tough if you're not used to it.  In the past I would do 18 - 24 hour sessions (from dinner one night until the next night).  Around lunch the next day I would notice a drop in energy and mental focus.  So I would start doing that along side with planned mental and physical activities to get myself used to it.

I'm also admittedly no outdoor survivalist.  I've watched plenty of Survivorman, but watching and doing are two different things.  I'd start reading up on and practicing skills to obtain the three main starting points.  Fire, water, and shelter.  Also gaining more knowledge about what is edible and what isn't would be very helpful.

I will note that I've never seen the show, so I just talking in general about being dropped in a location and needing to survive.

Title: Re: You're Going to be on Naked and Afraid
Post by Rat Man on May 1st, 2024 at 8:41am
  Some people don't watch Naked and Afraid  because they think it's pornographic.  My younger sister is one.  Sex is nonexistent on the show.  It's strictly a survival ordeal.  Everything but butt cheeks is blurred out.  There is a spinoff called Naked and Afraid of Love.  That is a total sex farce.  It is a stupid, ridiculous, and quite worthless show IMO.  I watched like five minutes of it once. 
     Sort of along the same lines, some of the women on Naked and Afraid are quite attractive.  For such an adventure I'd want a woman who looks like a Grizzly Bear.  A pretty girl would be a source of distraction.  Give me Bertha Butt, one of the Butt sisters, the Troglodyte.  It's a tough challenge and one needs to stay focused.

Title: Re: You're Going to be on Naked and Afraid
Post by Rat Man on May 3rd, 2024 at 4:22pm
    What would make me tap?  I've gone as long as two weeks without solid food once in the hospital and for one week six times.  As long as I could get water I'd be OK.  Besides getting sick or injured my main fear would be chiggers.  I'm from New Jersey.  The mosquito is our state bird and we have an abundance of ticks, Deer Flies, Horse Flies, etc.  Such pests are a way of life so I could probably deal with them.  Chiggers are another matter.  If they put me in an area with lots of chiggers I probably wouldn't make it.  Chiggers tear me up. 
    If it rained on me for many days without a break that might make me give up too.  I've camped in the rain and spent a whole month at Ft. Campbell out in the rain in December.  But that was with gear.  Being naked in the rain for like a whole week might make me quit. 

Title: Re: You're Going to be on Naked and Afraid
Post by Rat Man on May 14th, 2024 at 12:23am
    My strengths and weaknesses?  As I've mentioned many times I was raised in the woods.  It was our playground growing up.  We built shelters and ate the woods all day.  Also as a Boy Scout, soldier in the army, and general camping enthusiast I've logged a lot of outdoor time. Being outside for twenty one days would be no big deal at all for me.   I've fished for sixty five years and hunted as a young man.  Though not a hard core survivalist, I've always been interested in the subject and have read quite a bit about it. 
    My weaknesses?  I'm old.  That would work against me, no doubt.  And chiggers and I don't get along. 
     Would I make it?   That would depend on several variables of course.  I'd give myself a 40% chance of completing the challenge at this age and 70% in my prime. 

Title: Re: You're Going to be on Naked and Afraid
Post by IronGoober on May 15th, 2024 at 12:07am
I like to think of myself as robust, but I also know I get pretty damn whiny when I'm uncomfortable. I'm not sure how well I would do, the cold, wet, and bugs would really wear on me. Throw in being hungry for 3 weeks, It would be pretty tough.

Title: Re: You're Going to be on Naked and Afraid
Post by Rat Man on May 16th, 2024 at 10:07am
   And I've said this before on previous threads.  I might tap, I might win, but I would die before I cried on TV.  I see grown men blubbering like babies... "I miss my wife, I miss my kids, I want my mommy!"  For God's sake man, your children and grandchildren will be watching this.  Tap or don't tap but don't cry like wuss on TV!!!!

Title: Re: You're Going to be on Naked and Afraid
Post by Rat Man on May 22nd, 2024 at 11:13am
   There is one other way that I would prepare.  A big problem for many of the contestants is sunburn. 
    For a good portion of my life there was no such thing as sunscreen.  We knew nothing of ozone layer depletion.  Getting a good, dark tan was considered healthy.  We didn't know that the sun could cause skin cancer. 
    This is what everyone did.  Once the weather started getting warm we would deliberately get a sunburn.  In a week of so that burned layer of skin would peel off and the next layer of skin would be more resistant to the sun and would tan instead of burn. That's why so many of us have skin cancer today. 
    If I knew I was going to be on Naked and Afraid I would, as a one time thing,  deliberately get a sunburn, let that peel off, then get a good tan.  At that point I could scratch sunburn from my list of concerns. 

Title: Re: You're Going to be on Naked and Afraid
Post by Rat Man on May 24th, 2024 at 5:48pm
   I would have one advantage.  I know how to handle large snakes and reptiles.  I have no fear whatsoever of large Constrictors.  I raised a Columbian Red-Tailed Boa and a Burmese Python from tiny things to full grown.  If I saw a twelve foot Boa or a twenty foot Python  I'd just walk up to it and grab it... something I've done thousands of times.  I also raised a very large, belligerent Savanah Monitor Lizard, Pete.  Pete was a mean, rotten, paranoid fellow.  He didn't like anyone.  Savanah Monitors have a powerful bite but their weapon of choice is their tail, which they crack like a bullwhip.  Anyway, I think knowing how to handle such animals could be very helpful. Forum » Powered by YaBB 2.5.2!
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