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Message started by joe_meadmaker on May 7th, 2023 at 3:29pm

Title: Welcome to Sling Academy
Post by joe_meadmaker on May 7th, 2023 at 3:29pm
Hi everyone!† Welcome to the new Sling Academy board!† I created this board to help clear up some space in the General Slinging Discussion area.† I also think it will helpful for there to be one place to find topics on sling making, how to perform certain slinging styles, pouch patterns, braiding tutorials, etc.† Basically if the content is designed to teach someone how to do something related to slinging, this is the place for it!† I think itís best for instructions and tutorials regarding other weapons to continue to be put in the Other Primitive Weapons board.† If anyone has other thoughts on that policy, please let me know.

So one of the big questions, how do we get stuff into this board?

[list bull-blackball]
  • If you have a new tutorial video, or have written up instructions for something, just post it here instead of in the General Slinging Discussion.
  • Iím going to move the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and Tutorials and PDF leather pouch templates from General Slinging to this board (this may have already been done by the time youíre reading this).
  • If someone creates a new topic in the General Slinging Discussion that is a tutorial or instructional, I will likely send them a message and ask if there is any objection to it being moved to the Sling Academy board.
  • If you posted a tutorial video or instructions in the in General Slinging Discussion at some point in the past and would like it moved to this board, just send me a message with the link to the topic and Iíll be happy to move it.† Moving the topic is preferable to creating a new one because all the responses from other members will still be there.† If you know you posted a tutorial at some point but canít find it, hit me up on that as well and Iíll see if I can help.
    Regarding the last point, I donít think Iím going to actively start searching the General Slinging Discussion and moving instructional topics to the Sling Academy board.† I donít really want to do that unless the original poster of the content wants it to be moved.† That might change.† Weíll see how things go.† Iím also open to other opinions on that if anyone has a thought they want to share.

    I think thatís it for now.† If anyone has any questions or thoughts on this new board, please reply to this post and let everyone know what youíre thinking.

    Welcome to Sling Academy!

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