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Message started by Rat Man on Dec 31st, 2021 at 11:53pm

Title: Favorite Sandwich?
Post by Rat Man on Dec 31st, 2021 at 11:53pm
    It would take me the rest of the night to list all of the sandwiches I love. Lately I've been really liking peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Adding a sliced banana doesn't hurt at all.
     What's your favorite?

Title: Re: Favorite Sandwich?
Post by Curious Aardvark on Jan 4th, 2022 at 8:26am
That's a tough one.
After the diabetes diagnosis in 2019, I just stopped eating bread entirely.

You have no idea how much you miss something as basic as a sandwich until you can't have one !

I now buy super low carb flour and make all my own bread products.
It's taken a while to perfect the low carb bread, but now I have and am back eating sandwiches again.

I think my first was marmite and cheddar sarnie. Oh man was that good !

Top 5 would probably be - in no particular order:
1) cheese and marmite
2) smoked salmon, cream cheese and horseradish
3) homemade pulled pork
4) fish fingers with mayonnaise and ketchup (low sugar ketchup these days)
5) sweetcure rollmop sarnies
6) sliced tongue with a little chutney.
7) cold roast pork, with lots of fat and wholegrain mustard.
8)bacon, mushrooms and melted cheese
9) a classic BLT
10) fried haggis with wholegrain mustard and mayo.

So yeah, that's probably the top 5 :whistle:

Bread pics attached. Each loaf weighs around 400gms and has less than 30 GM's carbs per loaf. So less than 3gm per slice. A lot less actually, I probably get at least 15 slices per loaf.
Standard bread would be around 250-300gm carbs for the same size loaf.
IMG_20211120_181542_640_copy_921x691.jpg (184 KB | 9 )
IMG_20211024_134441_345_copy_921x691.jpg (219 KB | 9 )

Title: Re: Favorite Sandwich?
Post by Curious Aardvark on Jan 4th, 2022 at 8:41am
If anyone's interested I can go through my method.
It is proper bread, with no weird chemicals or obscure grains
No nut flours or bizarre gums or thickening agents.
And it does not give you the galloping trots !
If you've ever used psyllium husk - you will know exactly what I am talking about :whistle:

But the basic flour is very expensive.
I pay around 40 quid for 5kg.
Compared to normal wheat flour at about 1 pound per kg.

Oh and it makes really really good toast as well.
The basic dough can be used for any bread based product, and I frequently knock up flatbreads and tortillas.

Disclosure - I use a lot of vital wheat gluten.
At 7% carbs it's one of the best additives there is in low carb cooking.
Vital wheat gluten is, essentially, normal flour with all the carbohydrates removed.
And it's fairly cheap and readily available. For which we have all the people on weird diets, who think gluten is bad, to thank ,:-)

Title: Re: Favorite Sandwich?
Post by joe_meadmaker on Jan 4th, 2022 at 10:23am
Nothing too special for me.  Tuna salad.

That bread looks great CA.

Title: Re: Favorite Sandwich?
Post by Peashooter on Jan 5th, 2022 at 12:20am
I loves me some French dip, Reuben, and Cubano sammiches.  Darn it now I gotta fix me a sammich  :D

Title: Re: Favorite Sandwich?
Post by Curious Aardvark on Jan 8th, 2022 at 2:25pm
Abbreviated process :-)

Basically just a traditional bread.
The clever bit is rolling to large rectangle after first proving and then rolling up lengthwise.
It adds an awful lot of layers and ensures that the dough expands evenly throughout the entire loaf for the second proving.

Just saw it on one of those 'i make this 20 squillion times a day, best recipe ever !' videos.
And it was the final piece of the low carb bread puzzle.

I've tried making it in a loaf tin, and you just don't get the same rise
A roundish loaf gives you the maximum slice size per loaf length ratio.
Taken the best part of two years to finally get to this point.
As it's just me eating it, a loaf lasts a week, and stays fresher than normal bread. Must be something in the flour.

So works our pretty cost effective.

Next time I get some salami, I think I'll make a French toast, salami sandwich :-)
Just sounds like it should work :-)

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