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Message started by Hirtius on Nov 18th, 2021 at 2:05am

Title: Website opening description
Post by Hirtius on Nov 18th, 2021 at 2:05am
The opening description of this website might be a bit much. It makes a lot of claims that are quite off or lacking a lot of context. Likely humanityís first projectile weapon? We donít know that. I donít know where the 250 mph claim came from, or if we should be saying ď the weaponís supremacy as the premier, personal, long-range weapon was not supplanted until the 15th centuryĒ, because thatís kind of silly. Even if you were running with the word ďpersonalĒ, it still wouldnít make sense and is giving people an incorrect perception. I know we donít like peopleís assumptions about the sling, but we shouldnít counter it with exaggerations of our own.

I feel like this front page texts should remove all such claims, and just stick to the basic description of what a sling is. Leave the capabilities of the sling up for exploration, so they donít get disappointed by exaggerated claims up front.

Title: Re: Website opening description
Post by Kick on Nov 18th, 2021 at 4:36am
Good points. I know Oxnate was supposed to be working on the site but he#s kind of disappeared so...

Title: Re: Website opening description
Post by Hirtius on Nov 18th, 2021 at 12:55pm
Yeah, I donít know who did the changing. It already had that first section before so it was already an issue, but I think this recent update tasted more of that and took away the other links.

I think this goes along with another issue. Itís great that our website is maintained, but I think we also need to expand it. The links we got rid of were empty links that we needed to fill in. I know little about website work, but if there ever needs to be work on information or academic stuff, I can help out with whatever is needed. If necessary, we might have to try to reach out to people outside the community to get technical help. Iíd gladly pitch in a bit if it costs anything, and I think some others would be willing to do the same.

Title: Re: Website opening description
Post by Curious Aardvark on Dec 6th, 2021 at 7:28am
You'll have to take it up with Chris.
He did the latest front page rework.

None of the links were working.

I'm still looking for a piece of software that can grab the existing website and convert it into a standard HTML site.

So much easier to work with than all this unreliable online site editing and hosting crap.

If I can get it as an editable html only site, then I can start adding things and updating stuff.

And also allow others to do so.

A completely new site might also be an option.
But again it needs to be a standalone HTML site for ease of backing up, editing etc.
Plus it stops the constant need to keep updating online software, which is what killed the original website.

As far as the opening text goes, we've had it for 18 years.
I don't see any real reason to change it at the moment.
While it might not all be verifiable, it's also not refutable either.
Anyway, Chris pays the bills and it's his blurb.

To be fair I haven't tried to grab it from the wayback backup for a while and I do have some new software, so might give that another go. Forum » Powered by YaBB 2.5.2!
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