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Title: Mauro's Project Goliath Index
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This is a list of topics contained in the section “PROJECT GOLIATH”.
These topics have been divided in various sub-sections.
At first we found topics discussing the Project itself and the related wiki article. Some of these topics have not been included because they’re repetitive.
Then we found Technical topics, focused on the technical and material aspects of slinging, reproductions, use of ancient techniques both in peace and in battle, and so on.
The third sub-section is the Historical one, where topics discussing ancient slinging but without giving more detailed info on the contexts are gathered.
A more detailed sub-section on the history of the sling is the Reference and sources one, where I grouped both modern and ancient written and figurative sources, except for those to which entire topics are dedicated, i.e. Greek vases, stele, and similar. This sub-section should be the main one for those willing to gather a bibliography for a book (for the Slinger’s Guide for example).
The most substantial sub-section is the last one, where I put all topics discussing a very precise fact or item (i.e. “Slinging in South Pacific”, “Roman bullets from Pompei” etc.). I’ve divided these topics geographically, which means we have discussions on Europe, Middle East, Asia, Oceania, Africa, North America and South America (which also includes Central America). Further info such as dating are given when available. These topics may contain written, archaeological, graphic references but in such a more detailed manner that I thought they deserved a more precise place rather than one of the other 4 sub-sections above.

Discussions on PROJECT GOLIATH, Wikipedia article and the book

Technical topics:

Technical – Slingers as combat support
Technical – Single piece sling
Technical – 5 stones for David
Technical – On Project Goliath
Technical – David and Goliath sling
Technical – Living history class display
Technical – Historical accurate slings
Technical – Ancient casualties due to slings
Technical – Slinger’s personal kit
Technical – Slings in historical movies
Technical – Sling vs helmet
Technical – Rate of fire
Technical – Staff sling glossary
Technical - Wind during battles
Technical - How to employ body of slingers
Technical – Bronze Age battle in Germany
Technical – Skull injuries
Technical – Hebrew sling design
Technical – David’s style
Technical – Spacing between slingers
Technical – Slinger’s rate of fire
Technical – Accuracy of slingers
Technical – Bone analysis
Technical – Were Balearic slings tapered?
Technical – Internet source
Technical – Experimental archaeology involving slinging
Technical – Online guide to prehistoric archaeology
Technical – Slinging records
Technical – Reminescences of Greek slingers in Palestinian ones
Technical – Horseback slinging
Technical – Roman surgery for sling injuries
Technical – Speed and penetration
Technical – Sling trap
Technical – The physics of the sling
Technical – Throwing techniques
Technical – Point-first flight
Technical – Question on slinger’s bracelets
Technical – Casting styles and ammo rotation
Technical – What is a sling?
Technical – Slinging as a sport: the origins
Technical – Effective ranges of slings and bows
Technical – Air drag on sling’s cords and pocket
Technical – Submit your ranges
Technical – Making ammo
Technical – Range boost
Technical – Slinging fields in your town
Technical – Killing power: momentum or kinetical energy?
Technical – Damages on a lead glans

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Historical topics:

Historical – When and were last professional slingers
Historical – Largest slingers army
Historical – Inscribed glans
Historical – Women slingers
Historical – Oldest evidence of sling use
Historical – Pics of ancient slingers
Historical – How many slingers in the Roman army 3rd bC
Historical – It’s crossbow not sling!
Historical – Reconstruction of Balearic slinger
Historical – Reconstruction of Roman slinger 1st a.D.
Historical – Reconstruction of an ancient siege
Historical – Sources on Roman Empire’s slingers
Historical – Slings on History Channel
Historical – Biblical references about slings
Historical – Inscribed lead sling bullets
Historical – Plutarch describes a sling duel
Historical – Medieval braiding
Historical – Staff slings
Historical – Shakespeare was a slinger
Historical – On lead bullets
Historical – Teuton armies, 1st a.D.
Historical – British Museum’s sling bullets online
Historical – The status of slingers in ancient societies
Historical – Iliad
Historical – Origin of the sling
Historical – Slinging in myths, legends, etc.
Historical – Vegetius on distances
Historical – Slinging in the Olympic Games
Historical – Palestinian rioters
Historical – Reconstructions of Roman bullets
Historical – Origins and role of the sling
Historical – Iron spikes on antique bullets?
Historical – Slinging in Europe between 1500 and 1900 aD
Historical – Roman surgery tool used to remove sling bullets
Historical – Precision skill in a historical perspective
Historical – Origins of the fustibalus
Historical – Ancient non-military uses for the sling
Historical – Stone Age slingers
Historical – Johnny’s paintings: a Hebrew slinger modelled on the Bible’s, 1000 B.C.
Historical – Johnny’s paintings: battle at Mt. Olympus
Historical – Johnny’s paintings: a Conquistadore vs. Aztec
Historical – Israeli slingers training
Historical – Was Goliath only shot unconscious?
Historical – Historical ways of slinging
Historical – Slinging in High Middle Ages
Historical – David and Goliath on the BBC
Historical – Early development of the sling
Historical - History Channel on German slingers
Historical - Rebuilding the Kahun sling (with references)

Title: Re: Mauro's Project Goliath Index
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References and sources:

R&S – Text resources list
R&S – New York Times 1880 “Killed by a sling stone”
R&S – Journal of Asian martial arts “The sling”
R&S – Various articles on slinging
R&S – Jean M. Auel’s novels
R&S – Rick Brant’s book
R&S – Rudyard Kipling’s on slingers
R&S – Kendrick Pritchett’s “The Greek State at war”
R&S – “Flint Chips”, 1870
R&S – John Schumate’s paintings
R&S – “The Roman military settlement at Sanitja”
R&S – C. Savage, “The sling for sport and survival”, 1999, etc.
R&S – “Sling braiding of the Andes”
R&S – Hondero’s site
R&S – “The world book encyclopaedia”, 1949
R&S – Balearic bibliography
R&S – Roman slingers in Switzerland, legio 3, 10, 12, “Jahrbuch der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte; 2004”
R&S – Koffmann’s “The sling as a weapon” article and discussion
R&S – Xenophon on Rhodian slingers
R&S – S. J. Greep, “Leading shots from Windrige farm” article 1987
R&S – Thomas Voelling, “Funditores im Römischen Heer” 1990
R&S – Vic Hurley’s “Arrows against steel” on caltrops
R&S – Appian’s “The foreign war” on slingers spies
R&S – Appian’s “Mithridatic wars” on throwing messages with a sling
R&S – F. V. Renatus “Epitome of military science” on slingers vs. war elephants
R&S – Aeneid
R&S – Plato’s slinging references
R&S – Proverbs
R&S – Photo of a boy making sling ammo
R&S – Site on researching material
R&S – Homeru’s Iliad on Locrian slingers
R&S – Vegetius on slingers
R&S - Tacitus on peasant slingers, 69 a.D.
R&S - Paper on sling bullets by A. Kelly
R&S - Article on lead glans by John Ma
R&S - Article on slinging in the isle of Wight:
R&S - Various sling bullets from -
R&S - Moog, "Traumatologie"

Title: Re: Mauro's Project Goliath Index
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Sorted by Geography:

Europe – Slings in Irish legends
Europe – Irish lore
Europe – Irish Annals of Tigernach
Europe - Slings at Clontarf, 1014
Europe – Ulster cycle
Europe - Slingers against Scots, 1303
Europe – Scottish stone balls
Europe – Slinging at the battle of Ventry
Europe – Gaeling slinging
Europe – Bayeux tapestry
Europe – Battle of Falkirk 14th a.D.
Europe – Middle Iron Age warfare
Europe – Slings in UK
Europe - Sling pouches from York 9th-11th Century:
Europe – 1651 David and Goliath engraving, UK
Europe – Roman sling from Melandra, UK
Europe – Slingstones from Danesbury, UK
Europe – Gdansk sling
Europe – Hedeby sling
Europe – “Libritores”
Europe – Medieval Finnish slings
Europe – Olaus Magnus and the fustibalus
Europe – The sling on Icelandic saga
Europe – Medieval ammo
Europe – Medieval slinging
Europe – Battle of Najera 1367
Europe – Balearic skeletons, signs of wearing
Europe – Hubrecht on Balearic slingers
Europe – Balearic slingers
Europe – Slings in Spanish war 1930’s
Europe – Bullets from Osuna, Spain
Europe – Altamira Cave, Spain, late Paleolithic
Europe – Roman lead glans, Spain
Europe – Slinging in Don Quixote
Europe – Gaul slingers 1st a.D.
Europe – Gauls in Anatolia, 189 b.C.
Europe – Bullets from Switzerland 2nd aD
Europe – Medieval reliefs
Europe – Italian sling bullet 1st bC
Europe – Italian relief of David and Goliat 4th aD
Europe – Italian sling bullets dating to 7000 years bp
Europe – New sling bullets discovered in Italy 450 b.C.
Europe – Italian Novilara’s stele 5th b.C.:
Europe – Italian slingers on ships, Plutarch
Europe – Tomb of Cervetery, Italy, 4th bC
Europe – Roman slinger and bullets 1st bC
Europe – Sling bullets from Pompei, Italy
Europe – Roman slingers vs. Persian cavalry
Europe – Roman slingers illustration
Europe - Lucious C. Cinna
Europe – Roman bullets mold
Europe – Roman vs Dacian battle
Europe – Cortalloid sling 1000 bC
Europe - Greek hoplite slinger
Europe – Locrians in the Iliad
Europe - THLE inscribed Greek bullet
Europe – Statue of a slinger?
Europe – Greek bullets
Europe – Cyprus bronze bullet 1200 bC
Europe – Dyonisus description of sling
Europe – Slingers at the siege of Troy
Europe – Greek coin showing cestrophendone
Europe – Greek urn with slinger
Europe – Greek vase with slinger
Europe – Vase showing Herakles as slinger
Europe – Greek vase with slinger 490 bC
Europe – Battle of Eknomos
Europe – Bullets of Tissaphernes, Peloponnesian war
Europe – Slinging in Antikythera
Europe - Folk slings Western Europe
Europe – Slinging in Constantinople
Middle East – Turkish slinging
Middle East – Assyrian slingers
Middle East – Assyrian sling ammo
Middle East – Sirian slingers at Masada
Middle East – Mosaic from Petra
Middle East – Sling Thrace 4th – 1st b.C.
Middle East - David & Goliath:
Middle East – Goliath’s home
Middle East – Aegyptian oil lamp with David and Goliath 6th century
Middle East – Egyptian sling
Middle East – Egyptian slinging
Middle East – Tut’s sling
Middle East – Alexander at Gaugamela
Middle East – Slingers in Alexander’s army
Middle East – The battle of Hamoukar 3500 b.C.
Middle East – Parthian slingers
Africa – Slings in anthropological text
Asia – Experiences from Mongolia
Asia – Sling in Nepal
Asia – Slinging in the Himalaya
Asia – Slinging in Vanuatu
Asia – Indian slingers
Asia – Chinese slingers
Oceania – Samoan sling
Oceania – book on slingstones
Oceania – sling bullets embedded in shield 1800’s
Oceania – Polynesian sling making
Oceania – Polynesian slingers
Oceania – Slings in Hawaii
Oceania – Description of skull injury
Oceania – Slings in Guam
Oceania – Two handed slinging in South Pacific
Oceania – South Pacific slinging
Oceania – Polynesian style
Oceania – Sling battles in the Pacific
Oceania - Slinging in fiji

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Sorted By Geography Continued:

North America – Slings in North America
North America – Slinging in colonies
North America – Native Americans slings
North America – Delaware slinging
North America – North American slings
North America – Ovoid sling stones
North America – Erik’s saga 1000 a.D.
North America – Californian sling
South America – Dance with slings
South America – Viracocha sling (Inca)
South America - Gold slinger statue (Inca)
South America – The Incas
South America – The death of Pizarro
South America – Chachapoya slingers
South America – Peruvian gold
South America – Mummies of slingers
South America – Tierra del Fuego slings
South America – Mexican sling
South America – South American sling
South America – Peruvian sling

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I wanted to bump this up so everyone could check out this resource. It's a darn impressive collection and I don't like to think it's been lost down the back of the forum :D Morphy, maybe add it to a best of list?

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Yes!  We need to make a list of all the great lists of lists from forum discussions past ;D

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