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Message started by Mauro Fiorentini on Nov 23rd, 2012 at 9:23pm

Title: Looking for info on the death of Lucius C. Cinna.
Post by Mauro Fiorentini on Nov 23rd, 2012 at 9:23pm
Hallo friends!
I had nothing to do this evening and I was looking at this site:
It's a site describing the history and traditions of my town. It's all written in slang.
In the particular section I linked here, there's a short list of important men who visited my town in the past.
Among them was Lucius Cornelius Cinna, a Roman Consul who died in my town in 84 a.C.
The site above says he died by the hands of his soldiers, who mutinied and killed him "with stones".
Now, considering the source from which that quote is taken, a research on this will almost surely be pointless, but I'm always looking for traces of the use of the sling in ancient times and I think it won't take long to clear this point.
So I begun looking for further info on the death of this Lucius Cinna and I read about him on these books:

G. Geraci, A. Marcone, "Storia Romana", Le Monnier UniversitÓ, Florence 2008

and on the Treccani Encyclopedia, 2010.

Neither the first nor the second text says much about him, and even less about his death.
It's also 3.30 am now so I can't go to the Archaeological Library right now  :)
But if you have any title I may look for there, just tell me!
As we say, alea jacta est  :)

Title: Re: Looking for info on the death of Lucius C. Cin
Post by xxkid123 on Nov 24th, 2012 at 12:44am
Well to quote wikipedia

Cinna was murdered in a mutiny of his own soldiers in 84 BC. He had been working to transport his troops across the Adriatic in order to meet Sulla on foreign soil. The troops were not relishing the upcoming fight, which promised no booty. Their dissatisfaction was increased when they heard that the second convoy of troops who had been in transport had been shipwrecked in a storm. Those that survived had returned to their homes. Cinna ordered an assembly in order to terrorize the troops back into obedience. One of his lictors struck a soldier who had been standing in the way as Cinna entered the gathering and when the soldier hit back Cinna ordered his arrest. This caused another soldier to throw a stone at Cinna, which struck him. The spirit of the mob then took hold as more missiles were thrown and the nearest soldiers stabbed Cinna to death.[32]

In the next paragraph it mentions that Plutarch talks about his death as well. It only points out that the motivations for his death were different, but I'm quite sure if we looked it would have something on it as well.

Title: Re: Looking for info on the death of Lucius C. Cin
Post by Mauro Fiorentini on Nov 24th, 2012 at 9:25am
Thanks, I searched wikipedia but the Italian one didn't say a word about stones.
I don't think they used slings, though: it's not a weapon you'd use to lynch someone.
But it's worth a try, I'll look for Plutarch  :)
Thanks kid!
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