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Message started by Aussie on Dec 8th, 2009 at 6:29am

Post by Aussie on Dec 8th, 2009 at 6:29am
This thread is titled FAQ, but will in fact be a bit different from the usual FAQ format. The aim is for you to be able to quickly find threads and other sources of information where the most commonly asked questions are discussed. Most newcomers are particularly interested in how to make a sling and then the actual techniques of slinging. References for other commonly recurring themes will be added from time to time.

Feel free to make suggestions however, once actioned, these will be deleted to keep the thread size manageable.


(Note: these links direct you to entries in the Guides and Articles Section or to active threads where you may post replies.)

Aussie: Seatbelt Sling

Mersa's Single Cord Split Pouch Sling

Mersa's Noodle Sling:

Rockman Sling tutorial.

David Morningstar: Shaped Pouch

Matthias: Looped Warp Pouch

lakeslinger: Woven Shepherd's Sling Pouch

lakeslinger: Woven Shepherd's Sling Pouch with stripes

Zorro: Medical Tape Sling;action=display;num=1140522990;start=0

Zorro: Sierra Nevada Sling

Rat Man: Cobra Sling

Rat Man: Three Strand Sheepshank Sling

Rat Man:  Alternate Method for All Sheep Shank Knot Based Slings:

Paleoarts: Elk Hide Sling

Peaceful Jeffrey: PJ (Paracord) Sling

Malik Lund: Simple String Sling

Matthias: Knit sling

Cliff: Woven Paracord Sling
Guides and Articles entry with text and photos

JustKnot: Knotty Sling Tutorial

Asemery: Woven Single Cord Sling
Simple attracive sling, (Video clip on YouTube)

adsi: Basic Netted Sling

Jaegoor: "Honda Popular"
This is a particularly pretty sling from one of our German members. Requires good hand-skills to make.

Donnerschlag: Shepherd's sling
This isn't a sling-making tutorial located on, but it was too good not to mention.

Alpine:  Lacrosse Mesh Sling Pocket Material:

The Warrior Yeti: Short Splicing Tutorial
Whilst not a tutorial on making a complete sling this information is helpful, especially when making braided slings.

Sons of benjamin
How to tie the fisherman's bend:

Sons of benjamin:  Latvian Braid:

Lightslinger: Lightslinger Pouch

David Morningstar: Beginner's Tennis Ball Sling

David Morningstar:  Mexican Woven Pouch Sling (paracord)

canteskuyaOMD: Reconstruction of Mesoamerican "Tematlatl"

David Morningstar: Cestrosphendone Dart Sling

Braided "Survival Sling" (similar to Rockman's sling)

Teg: Knotted Pouch Sling

CodeMaker: Single strand Paracord split pouch sling

Teg: Lovelock-Like Sling

David Morningstar: Paracord Egyptian Sling on Flexible Loom

Blindsquirrel: 4-Strand Braided Paracord Sling with Split Pouch

Teg: Sling making by twining over sticks

Sarosh (Acroballistics): How to Make Egyptian Style Slings

Mersa: The Seatbelt Sling

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Post by Aussie on Dec 28th, 2009 at 12:00am

The naming of slinging styles is not always consistent; the same style may have several different names. Also the same style may be classified ino different categories because of some peculiarity eg. Hondero's Rustic "Simple" is a Fig.8 variation and a Sidearm as well, yet it looks quite different from the usual Sidearm demonstrated by Paleoarts. Names used are the ones generally accepted on this site.

The Wiki article gives a written description of many styles including various grips,
however does not include videos so it can be somewhat hard to follow

Below are direct links to videos of some of the most popular slinging styles.


Brian Grubbs, Demonstration of the Fig. 8 Technique
This video breaks down the popular but difficult to learn Fig.8 style into easily manageable learning steps.
Another clip of Brian outdoors slinging with full power.

Mark Weaver, Tennis Style. (Fig.8 alternative name)
This video is included in three separate parts in the Guides and Articles Section along with explanatory text.
However also on YouTube as a single clip.

Kevingg2008, Sling technique
Nice rear view, a lot of upper body lean on release, similar to Brian Grubbs style.

Hondero: Rustic Styles
In the clip these are called "Overhead" and "Simple" but the overhead style shown is exactly the same as Fig. 8, with the simple being a sidearm variation. Both begin with the held pouch being swept back and up into the final release.

Aussie: Slinging Sidearm (Fig.8 variation)
This syle is the same as Hondero's "Simple" in the above clip. My favourite for accuracy. (LHS and RHS views)

wurzelsepp: "Impressing my wife" (Fig.8 style)
A short but very clear clip showing a very snappy Fig.8.
(deselect HD to see the action clearly)
Same clip on YouTube

Scoteeball: A very nice demo of Fig.8 though not called that by the slinger.
Also shows detail of the sling and stone as well as how to grip the cords.

IHatchetjack: An excellent Fig.8 slomo from both sides, front and rear.
Very clear demonstration of the style but not called that by the poster.


David Morningstar, Helicopter Style
Thread with a description of this intuitive style
Video clip demonstrating Helicopter Technique
Slow Motion Video, slinging towards camera
Africa1975, Helicopter Style.
A very effective and accurate demonstration.

Hondero: Traditional Styles
Called "Overhead" and "Underhand" on the video. Generally known as Helicopter and Underarm on this site


Chris Henry/Paleoarts, Sidearm Slinging
Simple single revolution sidearm technique

PavirryPe: Slinging for Accuracy.
This style resembles baleric style the most, also a side arm release. It's my favorite style and it's very effective.

Slingnstones: Sling Sidearm Throw

Davidmorningstar: Slingbadger's Sidearm Style
A very simple, intuitive style.

Sobieski: Slinging for Accuracy
Several styles but mainlyshowing rear view of an overhead rotation into sidearm


Rueben, Apache Style No. 4 (the latset in a series of videos on this style)
Very popular rapid technique as expounded in the Apache Slinging article in the Guides and Articles Section.


Rueben, Underhand Slinging
Probably the most natural and intuitive of slinging techniques. Video includes slow motion.

Hondero: Traditional Styles
Called "Overhead" and "Underhand" on the video. Generally known as Helicopter and Underarm on this site

Blipshin: Slinging
Hanging pouch start, single rotation underarm style.


Asgesa2, Greek Style Slinging at 30m
Several views and slow motion of this popular quick technique

David Taylor, Slinging Styles
Article and several videos showing Greek style variations, in the Guides and Articles section.

Hondero: Greek Style


Balearic Slinger, Slinging in Menorca
Balearic style being demonstrated by a local champion
A Balearic competition, Luis is the second competitor

David Morningstar, Slinging Balearic Technique
Good side view showing the windup and cast.
David Morningstar, How to Sling Like a Balearic Slinger

PavirryPe: Slinging for Accuracy.
This style resembles baleric style the most, also a side arm release. It's my favorite style and it's very effective.

Jaegoor: Balearic Style Slinging
Self-taught slinger from Germany slinging at 35 m. You can't see the stones in flight but can hear the hits on the target.


Camo-sling, Demonstration of the Double Figure 8.  
A fancy slinging style purely for impressing onlookers or for a little bit of fun.


Camo-sling, Demonstration of the Double Sidearm.
An extension of the simple sidearm.


Hondero: Byzantine Style

Agesa2: Slinging
The style is not named on this video but is the same as Byzantine.


mrboss: Pirouette style
This style enables use of a very long sling for maximum power and distance (similar to a discuss throw)

Tint: Pirouette with overhead rotation
This video includes a nice overhead slomo. Different from mrboss's style in that it includes overhead rotation whilst pirouetting.
paulireson going through the basic styles:

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Post by Aussie on Mar 10th, 2010 at 1:23am
YOUTUBE VIDEO LINKS (Compiled by Camo-Sling)

With the help of some other members and especially jax, here are the youtube links.  

Here is the list so far -  

The above links are to posts by various people on YouTube. Not all clips will contain slinging and contents may vary from time to time.

Title: Re: FAQ and Sling Making Tutorial Threads
Post by Aussie on Mar 10th, 2010 at 1:31am

FOR BEGINNERS (and others)

Masiakasaurus: Advice for beginners (April 8, 2010)

Morphy: A long post on accuracy


Cthulhu: Rifle Spin
Rifle spin on projectiles aids in range and accuracy.


For the mathematically inclined the physics behind how a sling actually works can be fascinating. Threads on this subject are often quite long and involved. In this section the links are not in any particular order.

Hondero, The Physics of the Sling (Aug. 23, 2004)
General discussion of physics principles involved;action=display;num=109167675 6;start=0
(Unfortunately the diagrams in Yurek's detailed explanations have disappeared.)

Mgreenfield: Air Drag on Sling Cords And Pockets
Incresing sling efficiency to maximize range.


What speeds do sling projectiles achieve? Some discussions on how to measure this.  

Gan Banor, Sling Speed????

Measuring Sling Speed with AUDACITY sound recordings.

This YouTube clip shows slingshot speed being measured using Audacity and a double screen. Here the flight time between two screens two metres apart is being measured. This method gives very accurate results but is more complicated to perform. The actual calculation method is the same though.

DeeNewcum's excellent paper on high energy slings:


Staff slings are are not as widely used as hand slings but were very effective especially in seige warfare and easy to use.

Some links about them.


Corvid: Hunting (June 15, 2009)

Slingeroo: Hunting with a Sling

Luke Webb: Hunting with a Sling (April, 2010)

Here's a good way to store your sling so the cords don't get tangled by David Morningstar:


Nicholas Lloyd: Video Presentations

Sling videos from Nicholas Lloyd
From long time member, Nicholas Lloyd:


"Is slinging a legal activity?", is often a question on new slinger's minds. Definitely a grey area, and of course it may vary from country to country even state to state. This is the latest thread discussing the subject.

Title: Re: FAQ and Sling Making Tutorial Threads
Post by Aussie on Mar 10th, 2010 at 1:49am

These balls are similar weight to ordinary golf balls but elongated like eggs.

Discussion of what can be slung and why.

Lead projectiles, due to their density, will give maximum range.
Casting lead projectiles no pictures though

Title: Re: FAQ and Sling Making Tutorial Threads
Post by Aussie on Mar 10th, 2010 at 4:40pm
Et cetera has brought to my attention that there is an existing list of links to threads with information similar to that above. I have merely copied Willeke's original post. There may be some duplication of information.

Here is the link to Willeke's thread

Links to old posts with info
Jul 6th, 2006, 6:59am Quote Modify Remove
I promised Nightweave some links to sling-making threads, and while looking I made some more links, for other subjects.
I have been going over the last three (3) pages of the forum, see how much info is there, hidden but valuble.
I stopped after those 2 and a bit pages, because it was time to do something else, not because I ran out of good threads.
Go hunting there yourself, if you dare.

Warning, I did not read all of all threads and some do waver and not give what is promised. They may waste your time.  
And at times I do not know which part a thread should go and I just place it in one of the possible places.


Slingmaking threads:;start=0#0 (finger ring on sling);start=0#0 (mentions chainmail-sling) (picture with descibtion by Whipartist, one of the best slingmakers);start=0#0 (Has a simple sling in reply 5);start=0#0 (Jeffh, is also in articles);start=0#0 (JeffH again, good details) (Jeans sling, clear pictures.) (Just one post on making a hole) (also in articles, by Leon this time);start=0#0 (One by Yurek) (Some details of grips and loops) (Good photos of a simple woven sling) (Link to a site with some photos of slings. Toggle) (SUV of slings?) (photo of a tibetan sling discussed.) (about grips and loops) (instuctions on Whipmakers pouch and braiding) (just cords and with 2 strips of leather/webbing for pouch)) (finger protection and toggle) (two different slings and, in words, how to braid with 4 strands) (Good photos of making a leather and cord sling on page 2) (Horse hair sling, dreaming rather than fact) (mentions other kinds of slings + link to sling museum online) (marbles sling, just text) (Adjustable Sling) (Simple sling, words only, good enough though) (Braided sling with woven pocket in reply 13, page 2) (retention cord knot) (Netted slings by Matthias)

Sling making, odd ideas and failed projects: (Elastic strings on sling + weird idea by TS, photo missing) (Solid sling pouch)

Stafsling: (stafsling help and Hoopak)

Sling materials:;start=0#0;start=0#0 (Paracord) (many fibers discussed)

Ammo making / ammo discussions: (some info on clay projectiles) (Marbles) (Concrete versus smooth stones);start=0#0 (several kinds of ammo discussed, golfballs) (golfballs) (lead-molding) (Stone weights, preferences) (stones, prefered weights) (ammo shapes) (Concrete, egg shaped molds, sand-plaster) (failure and success concrete shaping) (mentiones way to avoid gland breaking) (selfharding clay) (flights) (Lead) (Rocks, ice, waterballoons) (Beginners Guide To Sling Ammo) (Humming rocks)

Hunting threads:;start=0#0 (fishing, short topic but some goodies)

Mechanics of slinging / measuring speed, range, power etc.;start=0#0 (distance records) (explanations of the physics of slinging);start=0#0 (Sling theory) (Lots of formulas a little down the page) (mentions Larry Brays Record) (clear trow over 100 yard mark) (speed measurer formula) (Calculating Theoretical Sling Range) (an other try to get the speed of a slung stone) (clear describtion of seeing ammo fly) (Long Range Accuracy) (Average slingdistances by Yurek and Larry Bray) (Number of Turns vs Range) (angle of fire, includes a link to a calculator) (soma records mentioned)


I have taken away the marks that showed when the links were added because they did make some links stop working, and if you read them now it does not matter when I have added them, (months ago).
Part of the links was cut off, maybe bacause the new forum has a smaller maximum post size than the old one. I reposted them in a new post further down in this post.


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Post by Camo-sling on Jul 20th, 2010 at 8:02am
Here are some more channels aussie -

So many new slinging videos!

Thanks :)

Post by curious_aardvark on Jul 22nd, 2012 at 1:38pm
right this comes up a lot - people do not use the search engine properly. Otherwise you would easily be able to find stuff   ;)

You need to change 2 things to get an effective search.  

1) change the 'post was made in the last..' to read (allposts)
2) tick the 'one result per thread' box  

That's it - that will then search the entire forum and give you a list of relevant threads. If you search for individual posts - you will be swamped with multiple results from individual threads.  

While you can search using the members name. bear in mind that many members change their username and the search engine ONLY recognises the names that they originally registered with. So that often does not work.

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Post by joe_meadmaker on Nov 6th, 2023 at 7:32pm
There was a YouTube channel post here from Rodrigo-BR.  I moved it to the Catch This! - Slinging on Social Media board (  And in that area there's a topic for YouTube channels pinned at the top.

@Rodrigo-BR - Your channel is one of the links that we have in the YouTube Channels post ( :thumb:

Just as an update, there probably won't be anything more added to the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and Tutorials post.  This is still a fantastic resource and will remain here.  But it's also extremely long and a little hard to navigate.  That was part of the reason for creating the Sling Academy board.  Now tutorials and that type of content can be created as separate posts.  It's much easier to find things, as well as advertise what you're posting.

I haven't gone through all the links in the FAQ and Tutorials post yet, but that is on my list.  I'd like to confirm that everything works.  If you do have a tutorial you would like added to the list at the top, just post it and I'll add it.  But I would recommend that you just create a new topic in Sling Academy.  Then you can include any description and other information you want.  And other members can also post replies to you.

This topic will continue to be managed as Aussie described in the original post:

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