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Message started by Trebor on Jul 5th, 2005 at 5:13pm

Title: Pouch Weaving "How-T0"
Post by Trebor on Jul 5th, 2005 at 5:13pm
Hi to everyone.  Got a question here & hoping that someone can explain how to do this...

I've seen a number of pictures of people who made braided slings (I'm currently making one out of jute) but there aren't any instructions (that I can find) about how to weave the pouch section as show in some pictures others have posted (like the guy who made slings from plastic bags... nice pouch weaving).

Could someone please explain how to weave the pouch between the two braided strands... and perhaps even write a nice article about this to be posted in the article section of this website so that others can benefit from this knowledge?  Thanks in advance for your instructions!  :)

Title: Re: Pouch Weaving "How-T0"
Post by Dale on Jul 5th, 2005 at 7:30pm
Barak Bruard has a set of pictures on his own web site, that shows how he braided a sling.  He uses a braiding table called a maru dai for braiding the cords, but he removed it from the table while weaving the pocket.  Here's the link:

I'm hazy on the details, because I haven't actually read Barak's instructions for a few months, but the pocket is basically several groups of jute strands, with each group wrapped (whipped) with another jute strand.  He joined the groups together so the pocket is two wide bands, but I'm not sure how.

Maybe Klarh can explain how he made his sling.  That pocket is obviously not the same as what Barak did.

EDIT: Fixed broken link, Barak moved his instructions.

Title: Re: Pouch Weaving "How-T0"
Post by Trebor on Jul 5th, 2005 at 8:10pm
Hi Dale,

Thanks for that reply.  I've been also wondering about how to do that fancy peru braiding, but what I really meant is the simpler looking braid like can be seen here:

If you (or anyone else) knows how to do it then please post the instructions.  That picture comes from the guy who made the "plastic bag" sling... so if anyone knows how to contact him then perhaps he could be persuaded to post the "how-to" info.

Thanks again Dale!

Title: Re: Pouch Weaving "How-To"
Post by MammotHunter on Jul 6th, 2005 at 9:15am
I'd love to find out how to make a sling very much like the one pictured on the main page of the site. It's clearly a braided sling, but seems to have a wider pocket. I like Dan Bollinger's article about braiding slings, but the only real disadvantage I can see to the design is that the pocket is too thin. His directions, though, are completely clear and easy to follow, and I can now make a braided sling in less than an hour. Barak's directions though, are probably a little complicated for me, and I couldn't figure out from the pictures how the maru dai works, but if anybody here could enlighten me on how to either combine or widen braids, I would be most appreciative.

Title: Re: Pouch Weaving "How-T0"
Post by Thori on Jul 6th, 2005 at 9:39am
Funslinger, I use braided slings exclusively and abrasion has never been a problem.  I also have almost no access to any sort of smooth stones, mine being mostly jagged.  They work just fine and I'd recommend them.  The ones I use most often are almost identical to the one pictured on the front page (same pouch and similar, if not same, material), and take about 2.5 hours to make.  The next time I make one, which will probably be in a week or two, I'll try to take some pictures and write an article.

For comparison, here's a couple pictures of the first one I made:

Title: Re: Pouch Weaving "How-T0"
Post by be_slinger on Jul 6th, 2005 at 12:40pm
My two cents on pouch abbrasion.

My first "real" sling was braided from hemp twine following Dan Bollinger's instructions. Slinging wet, sandy rocks has induced a fair amount of wear to the pouch. That said I'll probably make more as the materials are cheap, and production time reasonable.

My second sling used hand-spun coir fibers and has held up much better than the hemp. The hard spin of the cord and the toughness of the coir makes for a reasonably abbrasion resistant pouch. I have used this sling about as much as the hemp, but can detect little to no wear.

Currently I am working on a sinnet and braid sling in tarred nylon twine. Frankly it is taking forever to make and may well end up as more of a showpiece than a workaday sling. This will be highly dependant on how well it wears.

One last bit. While on a philosophical level I really like the spun plastic bag slings, I know they will wear out fairly quickly. My first bag sling has seen two heavy slinging sessions. It is already showing clear signs of wear. Once again, the harder you spin your cordage, the better it will resist abbrasion.

Title: Re: Pouch Weaving "How-T0"
Post by Thori on Jul 6th, 2005 at 12:54pm
Thanks for the compliment on the pictures, Funslinger.  I use jute twine.  Those slings have also been in wet, sandy environments, as my brother seems to enjoy dragging the release cord through the water after his throws.  They always clean up, though, and abrasion has not been a problem.  The only problem I've had is the braid coming unsecured at the end of the release cord, and that's just me being inept.   :P

Title: Re: Pouch Weaving "How-T0"
Post by Willeke on Jul 6th, 2005 at 4:18pm
You got a lot of information, but I think not the bit you was asking for.

That sling in the picture was made by Klahr, he wrote somewhere how he made the pocket, I re-tell this in my own words and with the information I read in the picture. He did unwind a little of the string, where he wanted to have the pocket, tied a knot at the start of the pocket and in that same knot also tied an extra strip of plastic. By unwinding the string he got four thinner strings next to each other. (If you have store bought string you will have 6.) Now he wound the plastic strip round the 4 strings, going over one, under the next, over and under till there are no more strings to pass, then go the other direction. Keep the strings in the same order, and now go under where before you went over and over where you did go under before. Go on with weaving round the strings till the pocket is long enough. You can do this weaving (sometimes called wrapping) with string too. At the end of the pocket you make an other knot, in this you tie the end of your weaving string or strip.

You can also start the sling like the split pocket sling, or like the sling with the leather pocket make the pouch like Klahr did and go on with the instructions in the article for the second half of the string.

Weaving might be easier if you tie the string between 2 fixed points, (table cairs will be enough) or one end to your body, (belt?) and the other end to a fixed point, (table?)

Succes, Willeke.

PS, Klahr, if you read this, can you please explain how you really made this pouch?

Title: Re: Pouch Weaving "How-T0"
Post by Klarh on Jul 6th, 2005 at 6:46pm
Sorry, everyone, I've been out a bit.

Anyways, Willeke pretty much got it right. I unwound a section of cord long enough for a pouch and knotted it. I then used slipknots to tie a smaller strand to each half of the cord. I then used more knots to tie the small strands to the other side of the pouch. This leaves you with four strands to weave on-two large strands and two small strands. Note that you have to weave from one side and back with one strand before you can use the next one;you can't just use one strand and then the other. I just wove until the weaving was to the knot and tied off.

Title: Re: Pouch Weaving "How-T0"
Post by Trebor on Jul 6th, 2005 at 11:51pm
Hi everyone,

Thanks for all of your replies... they have helped.

I've read everything suggested and looked at all the pictures - the pics really helped.

I've just completed my first sling about 30 mins ago!  The pouch weaving came out pretty nice, and I'd say that the whole thing looks pretty good (compared to similar types I've seen pics of).  It is braided out of jute according to the instructions of making the "Apache" style sling, except I chose to weave the pouch rather than using  leather.  I'll take a picture of it and post it here soon.

I went outside and couldn't resist slinging a rock.  As it is dark at this time I didn't see where it went, but I could hear it bouncing off in the distance where I intended to shoot it.  So I'm a "slingin' virgin" no more!

I think that the "sligin' bug" has bit me... you can be sure that you'll here from me again (will post again soon).

'till later...

Title: Re: Pouch Weaving "How-T0"
Post by Matthias on Jul 7th, 2005 at 12:12am

wrote on Jul 6th, 2005 at 11:51pm:
As it is dark at this time I didn't see where it went, but I could hear it bouncing off in the distance where I intended to shoot it.

Sounds like me in the daytime.  :D The first few underhand throws with a new sling still usually give me a chance to practice "duck and cover". (usually accompanied with "wow, that was a good one... bet it comes down moving pretty fast") I should just carry a garbage can lid around with me and be done with it...


Title: Re: Pouch Weaving "How-T0"
Post by Douglas_The_Black on Jul 7th, 2005 at 8:23am
i dont know what a good sized rock would do to a garbage can lid :)

Title: Re: Pouch Weaving "How-T0"
Post by Thori on Jul 7th, 2005 at 12:07pm
I'm betting that your jute sling is very similar to the ones I make, Trebor.  As I said, they've always worked well for me.  Congrats on hurling your first stone. :)

Title: Re: Pouch Weaving "How-T0"
Post by LebSlinger on Jan 23rd, 2020 at 1:11pm
It's a pity that I came late to this party! Been trying to check the links but all of the pages have disappeared.

Did anyone by any chance saved them somewhere or have an updated link?

I braided my first sling and I want to weave one now.

Thanks slingers

Title: Re: Pouch Weaving "How-T0"
Post by Rat Man on Jan 23rd, 2020 at 1:22pm
Check out the Frequently Asked Questions and Tutorials section above.  There are very good tutorials there that demonstrate how to weave many kinds of pouches. 

Title: Re: Pouch Weaving "How-T0"
Post by LebSlinger on Feb 13th, 2020 at 5:17am
Ok sure, i will check now! thanks

Title: Re: Pouch Weaving "How-T0"
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