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Message started by David_T on Nov 4th, 2003 at 8:14pm

Title: Sling Heaven
Post by David_T on Nov 4th, 2003 at 8:14pm

I am in sling heaven. I just made a 25 inch sling(thanks again Jeff) and it was the inspiration I needed!!

I have been slinging since August probably 2-3 times a week. I have used a 28 inch, 30 inch, 32 inch, 36 inch and 46 inch sling. Most of my slinging has been at 70 yards--"George the Roman" and in about 100 shots I would hit him 3-4 times and many near misses, however; I was getting frustrated with the inconsistancy and  the "too occational" wild throws. I was thinking that it was mostly due to the varying sizes and weights of the stones I was throwing.

Today I tried the new 25" sling and just like that my accuracy and consistancy improved by at least 50%
I can not say that I have any less power at 50 yards or less than with a longer sling. I had two shots in a row at 50yards, straight and fast d e a d in the chest of George! By the way, George passed away today. Two direct hits to the top of his head(Bottom of the bucket) which split the already fragmented plastic bucket into two parts. Since it will no longer stay on the shoulders, I have deemed George d e a d. The new bucket will be Caesar ;D

I am 6'2" and my sleeve length is about 341/2". For me this 25" sling was like magic today. I will try it again tomorrow and hopefully still be pleased. Has anyone else had this experience of sling length making such a big difference? I know that shorter slings are supposed to be more accurate--kind of like choking up on a bat--but I am amazed that even the 28" sling was not that big of an improvement for me??

Anyway, I am excited now. I can not wait to set up a net in the back yard and start using ammo that is all the same size and weight.

I have a slightly pulled muscle under my ribs in my back from slinging a week or so ago so I can not try for distance with this 25" sling. I am also laying off the fist size stones, but I was throwing large and small stones today.

Title: Re: Sling Heaven
Post by Whipartist on Nov 4th, 2003 at 11:12pm
Jimb talks about a hunter who uses a 25" to hunt racoons.  He likes to use short slings because of the accuracy too.  Scientifically, they should have less power than longer slings.  Experiment with it and find out.  I'm curious as to how it works for you as far as range goes.  There are compromises with any projectile weapon.  I've had good results with accuracy with a 33" but it takes some concentration so far.  Go to the Member's list and look and Jimb's posts and you'll find the thread I'm talking about.  


Title: Re: Sling Heaven
Post by Martin_T. on Nov 5th, 2003 at 10:55pm
I'm really interested in the shorter sling theory, regarding accuracy. I've been slinging stones off, and on again since I was a kid. Seems like I always made the longest sling that I could manage, but never got good accuracy. It's got me thinking that maybe I'll try a shorter one, and see what my results are. I have been wanting to make a new one soon anyway, so I might as well try a different approach!   Happy Slinging!

Title: Re: Sling Heaven
Post by JeffH on Nov 6th, 2003 at 1:46am
I found an immediate improvement with my shorter sling.  I was able to feel the stones better and get better releases.

It may be that the ease of attaining accuracy with longer slings is dependent on your style.

David T and I use the single windup style and have seen marked improvement very quickly with the shorter sling.  I did notice that with a two windup style I got better accuracy with the longer sling.  The difference in the slings is about 10" when folded.  I think I was able to better feel the stone with one slow spin followed by a second  fast spin.

In fact, I threw at a ground hog in a tree at about 40 feet and missed by a good margin using my long sling.  I would have gotten closer, maybe even hit it, with the shorter sling.

jeff <><

Title: Re: Sling Heaven
Post by David_T on Nov 6th, 2003 at 7:34am
I am by no measure an expert! I first slung a stone in August, but have averaged 2-3 times a week, 45-60 min. each time and probably sling over 100 stones each time. What amazed me the most use --inches--- I used my son's 28 inch sling several times, but just 3" made a big difference for me when I made that 25" sling. Experiment and sling lots of stones. If you don't throw a lot, making changes will not really prove one way is better for you than another. Got to run

Title: Re: Sling Heaven
Post by David_T on Nov 6th, 2003 at 10:39pm
Thanks Ben,

I had not seen jimb's posts. That sounds exactly like the way I have been throwing. No wind ups. I do with long or heavy stones but for accuracy no. As he metioned also, for hunting you don't want a lot of motion to scare the target away.

I went out today and threw easy to let my back mend. I'm still excited about the accuracy I am getting with the short sling.

Title: Re: Sling Heaven
Post by Whipartist on Nov 7th, 2003 at 4:55pm

Experiment and sling lots of stones. If you don't throw a lot, making changes will not really prove one way is better for you than another. Got to run

Very true statement!!!  Ben

Title: Re: Sling Heaven
Post by David_T on Nov 9th, 2003 at 9:15pm

I love the forum because everyones comments make us think and try new things. Since we are not all experts, these discussions help us all stumble forward so to speak.

As you mentioned, we know that the longer slings are more powerful, even though I did not notice anyloss in the short range use of my 25" sling.

Since I strained that muscle in my back I have been throwing easier and at a closer range than my normal 70 yards. Today I decided to sling from 50-60 yards and found that the distance required too much force on that back muscle. It hurt, so I pulled out my 42" sling. Even though I was at the same distance, I was able to not only easily sling the 50-60 yards, but I was slinging rocks twice as heavy without hurting that back muscle.

I also found out that I was more accurate by swinging the sling slower than normal because of the strained muscle.

For hunting or target practice at 20-30 yards my arm seems to be able to produce enough power and the short sling gives good accuracy. Maybe with time I can use a longer sling and have power and accuracy ;D

Title: Re: Sling Heaven
Post by Whipartist on Nov 11th, 2003 at 12:04am

Yeah that power compromise always bothered me.  The accuracy, I love; the power, I love.  What's a slinger to do?  I have been getting good accuracy with a 32" but I'm not about to go out and try to kill Goliath any time soon.  As with any projectile weapon, there are compromises.  

The slower windup on a longer sling does help with accuracy for me too.  Try tilting your windup to the side just slightly and then throwing your final throw at 90 degrees up from the angle of your windup.  It has been working for me.  There's more to it than that, but that's what started me off.  Try to keep an eye on how the weight of your rocks affects your shots too.    

On a side note:  My alpaca yarn was backordered and then they said they couldn't get it in!!!  I bought some sheep's wool yarn instead.  Oh well, I wanted to go Alpaca!  The sheep's wool will probably be better anyway.  Alpaca is known for being soft, not durable.  Can't wait, in a few weeks to start another sling.  


Title: Re: Sling Heaven
Post by David_T on Nov 11th, 2003 at 8:33pm
I  ha t e    computers!!!! :(

I just spent 20 min. typing, and punched some key and it all vanished :o


Alpacas are like llamas right? We saw some in Durango hiking two years ago. The rangers were using them to carry surveying equip.

We didn't know they were camping near by and in the morning I got my camera out to get a picture of what we thought was a bear. You got it, an alpaca in tall undergrowth. I felt kinda dumb ::)

A friend in Durango used to raise alpacas. I quess there can be good money in them if you show them and place well.

By the way, Home Depot sells 36"x36 rubber work mats with 1" octagonal holes. They will interlock with one another. I will probably get some once I get my golf netting and use them as targets. You could hang them up and the concrete balls shouldn't hurt them. How is your netting working out?

Title: Re: Sling Heaven
Post by Whipartist on Nov 12th, 2003 at 12:56am

That Home Depot idea sounds good.  Thinking about how you have to gap so many of your words..., I remember driving by Home Depot one night last year and it was "Hom    pot."  So now I call is the Hom pot.  You can transform your local Home Depot into the Hom pot too.  All you need is a sling, some stones, and a get away car.  Just kidding of course.  You have a son to raise.  Wait till after he's grown.  

The netting is working great.  I don't sling right into it, I got a tarp in front, but it holds the tarp together and that's good enough for me.  

Alpaca are small Lama.  There are two types and they produce different "wool"  They come in 26 natural colors I believe.  So my black and off white sling was going to be undyed.  I was looking forward to that.  The yarn isn't too popular or something.  It's incredibly soft, but not the most durable stuff in the world.  Sheep's wool is more elastic and so you find a lot of blends too.  I finally had to settle for sheep's wool.  I'm still disappointed  :'(

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