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Message started by David_T on Oct 10th, 2003 at 4:11pm

Title: Pics
Post by David_T on Oct 10th, 2003 at 4:11pm
Thanks Yurek for giving me the idea of  making a 46" sling!!It is awesome the size stones I can throw 70+ yards easily. The pouch is about 7"x 3 1/2" I am finally learning Yurek. I now still stand on one foot but now I just gently make two rotations and then whip the third one rather than spinning it as fast as I can. It even goes farther!!

My son and George ;D

This is looking from George , back to where we sling from. We stand on the flat gray area at the bottom of the piles of stone. Just above the middle of the picture. Those piles are about 20' high. How's that for an ammo supply?

Title: Re: Pics
Post by Whipartist on Oct 10th, 2003 at 6:38pm
Good Old George.  Every slinger needs a George in his life.  Well that last picture is how I imagine the surface of the moon looks like!  You guys got a cool place there.  Come to think of it, the Moon is a giant sling stone isn't it?

I guess we are just doing on a small scale what happens on a big scale in space.  

My first good sling was 55" long.  I then made a 50" I came to really like better.  They are a lot of fun to use for long range bombardment.  I would sling horizontally at just a slight angle and on the final throw I'd swing my arm out at full extension at about chest height, as fast as I could.  Talk about acceleration!  Man those stones go fast!!!  I used to cut branches out of the walnut trees in the field where I was slinging.  It was fun!  Timber....  Then I'd go investigate.  I had cut some pretty big limbs off.  Wasn't too accurate though.  That made it more fun!  Tell George I'm sorry about what happened to his jaw.  


Title: Re: Pics
Post by David_T on Oct 10th, 2003 at 7:01pm
Yeah, George has had about 6 hits to the head. The first two put big dents. After that it started splitting! When it comes all apart we'll add another bucket. Maybe Ceasar or someone ;D

I'm certainly interested in ways to sling more srtaight and down for closer targets at ground level. With my shorter slings the "no rotation"  m e t h o d works the best for me and I come more 3/4 overhand

But with the longer sling I was trying your horizontal swing just this morning. It was the first time using the 46"er on a closer, and low to the ground target. It seems too difficult to use the underhand  m e t h o d on such target? Do they?

Title: Re: Pics
Post by Whipartist on Oct 10th, 2003 at 8:41pm

I'll reply in a new topic.  I tried to write you a short reply and it got so long I think I'll put it up just by itself to spark discussion without distracting from good old George the Roman.

Title: Re: Pics
Post by Brent on Oct 10th, 2003 at 11:05pm
Is the concrete plant in Travelers rest or Greenville?could you give me the address cuz im in Greenville at the time.Thanks

Title: Re: Pics
Post by Yurek on Oct 11th, 2003 at 5:00am
Wow! Thanks David for the pictures. Nice to see you and your son :) I hope I will spend today evening with the dictionary again :) A lot new interesting stuff has come!


Title: Re: Pics
Post by David_T on Oct 11th, 2003 at 8:57am
The place is near our house in Simpsonville. It is just south of I-85 at I-385 and Laurens road. "Metromont" is the name of the place but there are other plants around town. Don't tell your brother about slings or he may want to sling rahter than study ;D It is about 25-30 min. from Furman.

I'm hoping to go there on my 4 mile run today if the rain stops. :'(

Title: Re: Pics
Post by Yurek on Oct 11th, 2003 at 9:12pm

The position of your legs intrigues me. I guess that you start body rotation by the swing of the left leg and then you rotate on the right one. Am I right?
My way is a bit different. I place my legs on direction of the shoot, it gives me a good support on the ground. It is stable and makes possible the sudden start of the hips rotation which I initiate by the push of the right leg and the detorton of right knee to inside. Just it begins my shot in the proper moment. I'm not sure you read my last post in the topic with the pictures, or mybe I was unclear.

The second thing I noticed on your photo is the position of the wrist when the sling is just over your head. I can't imagine how you are able to make the comfortable stoke from this position. My palm is turned rather upward in this moment (look at my 2 first pictures, please).

My arm and wrist rotate more far from the head, when the sling is in lowest point my arm is even more straight. It gives the more spacious whip, that is important for the long sling. It's just the key.

I don't think I'm expert and I'm not teaching or criticizing you. Just my observations. Maybe I'm wrong. I would be happy if someone gives me some advices.

Jurek, who need a lot advices too :)

Title: Re: Pics
Post by David_T on Oct 12th, 2003 at 10:54pm
I need a lot of advise!! I am just trying different things since I do not have a teacher. As you know, it is not easy to put into words how we sling.

I sling the stone underhand which may be why my hand position is different. On my 2 rotations my hand is at shoulder hieght and about 18 inches from my right shoulder. I only rotate at the wrist. On the third rotation I extend --straighten out the arm back and go to a 3/4 underhand release. By 3/4 I mean I sling the sling out to the side just enough so that it does not hit the ground.

I believe you have an overhand release?

I want to try your way. I am not sure I know how you spin the sling. I read your explaination and tried it but could not get much power so I do not think I was doing it right. I will read it again and see if I have  any questions.

Title: Re: Pics
Post by David_T on Oct 12th, 2003 at 10:56pm
Yes You are right. I throw my left leg forward and push off my right leg. I used to pitch in baseball so it feels comfortable.

Title: Pics
Post by David_T on Oct 13th, 2003 at 12:36am

This is just after my underhand release. I am a skinny guy so I throw all my weight into it to help give power. ;D

Title: Re: Pics
Post by Yurek on Oct 17th, 2003 at 10:20pm
I was sad a few days I lost my dog but I'm coming back.


I am not sure I know how you spin the sling.

My initial rotations are diagonal. The highest point is more or less over and above the direction of my right arm. The angle of the rotation plane is similar to the shot angle. The initial rotations are rather spacious, I use the forearm and wrist during range shots.

The picture shows the trail of my palm during the range shot. The palm runs approx. on the shoulder level. You also can see the the right elbow and the trail of left palm near my stomach. My arm is working like during common throw by hand, but more laterally, as I mentioned. The shot on the picture was powerful, one of my farer shots. I pity the shutter of my camera was unwell in this moment, the shutter was set to 1/500s, but the exposure was much longer and the photographer's hand shuddered :( I hoped to take the trail of poch and estimate its velocity. I will check my camera and will repeat the experiments.


Title: Re: Pics
Post by Chris on Oct 18th, 2003 at 1:08am
Im sorry to hear about your dog.  Dogs are close companions and it's always sad to lose them.

Very artsy picture! Maybe the shutter was at 1/500 but you are just so too quick! :P

It actually would be very neat to see a good image of a person mid-cast to see the position of the sling, the condition of the cords, and possibly the orientation of the rock in the pouch.  


Title: Re: Pics
Post by JeffH on Oct 18th, 2003 at 8:26am

I generrally shudder like that when I sling.  I find that it adds quite a bit of energy to the throw.

I understand this problem.  I had my daughter (8) snap a pic of me shooting my new bow to see if the limbs were flexing properly.  She moved just a bit and got two of me in the pic.  And this with a digital camera.

Great form on your part, nonetheless.  I am sure that your gene pool contains the remnants of some of the finest and most feared slingmen of the ancient world.

jeff <><

Title: Re: Pics
Post by David_T on Oct 18th, 2003 at 10:19pm
Thanks for the pics Yurek! I think I understand the style you use. I will give it a try tomorrow. I may even try to send a short digital video of it and some of the other styles I am trying.

I would think that you could throw even longer distances with an underhand sling??

Sorry about your dog. Our "first kid" was a dog. He was the smartest dog we have ever had. When he was just a year old, I was hitting baseballs to my brother in-law and our dog saw me throw the ball up and jumped for it as I swung the bat  :'( I hit him in the head and killed him. That was very hard to get over. Dogs can be great fun.

Title: Re: Pics
Post by Yurek on Oct 20th, 2003 at 8:22pm
My dog was a great fan of the slinging, was loving to observe every shot into water even when I finished shoting he spurred me for more... well that is history yet.


I think it would be great to get the picture of the whip in the stroboscopic light. It would make possible the exact analysis of all body and sling motion and even to estimate both the accceleration and the velocities. The movie is ok too, bat doesn't show the detailes well. Maybe a good digital camera can take the series of the enough quick and precise snapshots?

Maybe the shutter was at 1/500 but you are just so too quick

I would like it is true, but then the medium velocity of my palm (on that picture) would be about 500 km/h (~300 miles/h) 8)

lenght of trail = ~30 cm
time = 1/500 s

30/(1/500) = 30 * 500 = 15000 cm/s = 150 m/s = 540 km/h = ~310 miles/h

I'm afraid, alas, the shutter was unwell at this moment. :(


Interesting words about my gene pool, who know, maybe you are right... 8) Anyway, thanks for these nice words :)


I hope I will also able to sent a video soon. It gives a lot informations. I'm interested to see different techniques and open for improve my ones.

Regarding your dog, I understand well what you felt at that time. Brrrrrr...


Title: Re: Pics
Post by Camo-sling on May 12th, 2008 at 3:39am
I like your sling alright. i may try to make one in the near future. and as for george, is he still in tact?  :D

Title: Re: Pics
Post by Africa_Slinger on May 15th, 2008 at 2:27am

I think George is long gone, died of old age.

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