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Message started by uli brugger on Aug 13th, 2003 at 4:03am

Title: poblem with slinging
Post by uli brugger on Aug 13th, 2003 at 4:03am


my name is uli brugger. I sling since 1994. I sling with the helicopter technique. My target is an old tree. But I am not able to hit this target.  The stones flies left or right away from the target. If I pointed the target with my index finger every stone flies left away. I am very frustrate. I have the same problem when I sling with the underhand style. Can you help me?

PS: Sorry for my bad english. You can answer in german, too.

Title: Re: poblem with slinging
Post by Chris on Aug 13th, 2003 at 9:11am
First off Uli, your English is very good.

If your stones are flying left and right with the helicopter technique, underarm should be more accurate.  Your inaccuracy should change from left or right, to up or down because you are swinging in a vertical motion.  Spend a bit more time with underarm and see if your accuracy increases.  

Also, try using a sling of a different length, perhaps shorter.  This can help you identify the best release point.  

Try slowing down too.  Rotate the sling at a less powerful speed and look at it rotate.  Identify visually where you think you should release it.  Experiment a bit.

How far away is this tree?

Slinging is a very skillful sport that requires much practice.  Often, you need to have been exposed to slinging from birth.  

Title: Re: poblem with slinging
Post by Chris on Aug 13th, 2003 at 9:14am
Here it is in german (translated via

Erstes weg von Uli, ist Ihr Englisch sehr gut.    Wenn Ihre Steine das Fliegen link und recht mit der Hubschraubertechnik sind, sollte underarm genauer sein.  Ihre Ungenauigkeit sollte von links oder von rechtem, zu hohem ändern oder unten, weil Sie in einer vertikalen Bewegung schwingen.  Geben Sie eine Spitze mehr Zeit mit underarm aus und sehen Sie, wenn Ihre Genauigkeit sich erhöht.    Auch Versuch mit einem Riemen einer anderen Länge, möglicherweise kürzeres.  Dieses kann Ihnen helfen, den besten Freigabepunkt zu kennzeichnen.    Versuch, der auch verlangsamt.  Drehen Sie den Riemen mit einer weniger leistungsfähigen Geschwindigkeit und Blick auf ihn drehen sich.  Sehen Sie an, wo Sie Sie sollten ihn freigeben denken.  Experimentieren eine Spitze.    Wie ist weit weg dieser Baum?    Das Umschlingen ist ein sehr talentierter Sport, der viel Praxis erfordert.  Häufig müssen Sie dem Umschlingen von der Geburt ausgesetzt worden sein.    


Translating it back into english is quite funny.

First away of Uli, is very good your English.  If your stones are flies left and quite with the helicopter technology, should be underarm more exact.  Their inaccuracy should change of on the left of or from right, to high or down, because you swing in a vertical motion.  Spend a point more time with underarm and see you, if your accuracy increases.  Also attempt with a belt of another length, possibly shorter.  This can help you to mark the best point of release.  Attempt, which also slows down.  Turn the belt with a less efficient speed and view of it turn.  Regard, where you should you it release to think.  Experiment a point.  How far away is this tree?  Looping is a very talentierter sport, which requires much practice.  Frequently you must have been exposed to looping the birth.    

Looping anyone?  ;D

Title: Re: poblem with slinging
Post by BillB on Aug 13th, 2003 at 1:35pm
ROFLMAO! Sometimes I wonder just how well the English gets translated into foriegn languages at Babelfish! I'm sure that (to stay in the thread) people for whom German is their native language get a kick out of the German versions. Loved that looping!

I'd offer this observation: it's more likely to be the sling length that's making the problem. Also, moving to a shorter sling will, I think, excaberate the situation. Depends, of course, on whether it's usually flying to the left or right and the direction of spin (i.e. clockwise or counter-clockwise). Given my bias towards the overhead, I'd say to experiment with sling length before switching to underhand or overhand (i.e. vertical).

There's really a lot of variables here, so the best approach is two-fold: Uli, can you be more detailed about your slinging? That is, do you spin it clockwise when looking up or does it go counter-clockwise? Do you use the same size and weight of ammo each time? How long is your sling? Which side do you usually miss to, left or right or both equally?

The second part of the two-fold approach is to change only one thing at a time and give that change time to take effect before eliminating it as a factor. If you eliminate it as a factor, restore that variable to the way it was before continuing.

Hopefully, we can get you slinging more accurately soon.

Bill B.

Title: Re: poblem with slinging
Post by uli brugger on Aug 21st, 2003 at 4:19am
hello bill

Thank you for your message.
My sling is ca. 75 cm (total 150 cm) long. The target is 25 m away. The stone flies mostly left away from the target. I sling counter-clockawise over my head. The sling-bullets are fieldstones.

u. brugger

Title: Re: poblem with slinging
Post by LeonX22 on Aug 21st, 2003 at 9:04am
Don't feel bad brugger.  I sometimes have similar problem with my slinging as well.  My tendency is to release just a touch too late.  With my counter-clockwise rotation, the bullet tends to fly to the left of my target.  Thankfully, I am hitting the exact same spot over and over again when I have a late release.  This of course makes it easier to extrapolate what I am doing wrong.  

I suggest sticking to the swing method that you are comfortable with.  Work out the kinks.  Pay attention to what happens with each throw.  I really think that adaptation based on experimentation is the key.


Title: Re: problem with slinging
Post by brug on Nov 26th, 2003 at 5:41am

Hello people

For a few weeks I sling with underarm technique. I start with the classic greek position which is shown on old greek coins or by korfmann. Then I make only one rotation with the hole right arm and release the sling.

The problem is that the stone often fly left away from the target. I don t no why. I think the problem is the release. Maybe I move my wirst to much?

I have tried it with a shorter sling but the problem with this kind of sling is much worser. I can not use a longer sling because then  I will hit the ground.

Can anybody help me? Why fly my stones to left and what must I do that the stones will fly straight?

Thanks for the answers

PS: I use a balearen sling. I think the sling is not the problem.
I will be back in one week.


Title: Re: poblem with slinging
Post by Chris on Nov 26th, 2003 at 12:40pm
It sounds like your cords or pouch may be interfering in the projectile's release.  That can be the culprit for curved shots.  If it leaves the pouch unevenly, it might spin, which will make it curve in the air.  I'd keep an eye on the pouch as you release it for any clues.  

Good luck!


Title: Re: poblem with slinging
Post by JeffH on Nov 26th, 2003 at 1:47pm
Also make sure that your stones are heavy enough to push the pouch open.  Light stones tend to go left, and overly heavy stones tend to go right.  The light ones stay in the pouch a bit too long and the heavy ones leave early.

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