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Other Websites

  • Nikolas Lloyd - The Sling!
  • Nikolas Lloyd - The Staff Sling!
  • More coming soon.

    YouTube channels dedicated to slinging

  • Nikolas Lloyd's (AKA Lindybeige) playlist about slinging.
  • Another playlist about slings and slinging.
  • Acroballistics
  • David Morningstar
  • Timpa Linkosling
  • MrJaegoor
  • Archived websites

    Slings from South America
    Slings and Slinging
    Slings and Stones in The Bible and Archaeology
    To Sling or Not to Sling - That Was Never The Question
    Lloydian Weapons: The Sling
    Lloydian Weapons: Advice for the would-be slinger
    The Sling Ancient Weapon
    Information Headquarters: Sling
    Practical Slinging
    Els Foners Balears (Balearic Slingers)

    The Sling - Wikipedia
    Stefan's Florilegium - Slings
    Primitive Skills - Slings
    Traditional Games: The Sling Throw
    Chumash Sling
    The Slingshot in Antiquity
    Neolithic Warfare
    Slings at the Siege of Troy - Sling
    Projectile Type Weapons of Ancient Egypt
    Ancient Egyptian Weapons
    Hawaiian Combat Units & Weapons
    Bible Stories - Hard to Believe?
    Lloydian Weapons: The Staff Sling
    The Staff-Sling: Guidelines for Construction & Use
    The Shepherd
    The 1911 Edition Encyclopedia - Sling
    Ancient Sling Techniques
    Cynewulf's experiments with a Staff Sling
    As Told by The Ancient Hawaiians
    Making and Using the Venerable Hand Sling
    David's sling and stones - Were they toys or serious weapons?
    A Chronological History of the Martial Arts and Combative Sports 1
    A Chronological History of the Martial Arts and Combative Sports 2
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