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Yo-yo Discus Sling (Read 999 times)
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Re: Yo-yo Discus Sling
Reply #45 - Jun 30th, 2020 at 2:49am
This yo-yo sling was very important to me in terms of understanding the sling as it is

The yo-yo sling has the most efficient pouch of all slings. As in, it has none at all. The pouch is the cord. But it requires manufactured grooved-ammo to work.
We can conclude that the next most efficient pouch for the sling is the split pouch. For throwing river stones requires not 1 cord then, but 2, as that is all that is needed to hold and provide a runway to spin river stones or glandes. Thus the split pouch is the most optimal pouch for non grooved ammo. Anything more than 2 is redundant. Any problems with projectiles slipping through the split can be solved by stiffening it up with leather or more fibre. My leather enforced split pouch can throw anything from 35 to 250 gram whether it is a golf ball, a glande, tennisball or rock. I no longer have the problem of the sling dilemma (retention/release) with this design. Now I also get why Jaegoor said there is no dilemma. I feel kinda stupid now  Cheesy

Like the yo-yo sling, there must be no fixed point where a sling pouch transitions from pouch to cord. Optimally the transition is totally smooth and gradual, so the stone can use the runway of the sling pouch optimally. This the Balearics utilized in their slings. Although I am not a fan of the heavy weight and goliath size of Luis his sling, the design itself is perfect. I prefer a tuned down version of their sling now.

A lot of slings I made in the past had a definite point where the pouch suddendly transitioned to the cord through a knot. It can work but it is far from optimal. It can provide frustration and the illusion of a sling dilemma. While in reality I had a dilemma of improper sling fabrication as a result from improper understanding of the operation of the sling. Many beginners too seem to suffer from the same thing. Show them a 2 cord split pouch sling and it makes no sense to them. Instead they wrongly prefer a cupped pouch with knotted cords. Because they (wrongly) intuitively think the regular sling operates like an Y-sling or bola does - as in, it just 'releases', it doesn't rifle. It took me so long to realize because while I started with slings 10 years ago, it was only until recently that I really took this hobby seriously

The pouch of a sling for river stones should be a gradual widening in the middle of the cord. You can weave it but it is not better than a Balearic split pouch. Most importantly tt shouldn't be something 'seperate' tied into the midde of the sling. The most efficient sling projectiles should also be able to roll. The more cleanly it rolls on a smooth surface, the better the throw will be. So the stone or glande must not have a flat back , otherwise it can't really roll out of the pouch, it will flip out of the pouch. It will still throw but not as good. If your sling pouch relies on projectiles with a flat side for proper retention, the sling pouch is wrong.

So less is more  Smiley
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Re: Yo-yo Discus Sling
Reply #46 - Jul 2nd, 2020 at 4:42pm
That is an excellent idea. I have thought of discs many times, have even tried them , but never thought of that design . It opens up so many possibilties.
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