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Game console Emulators :-) (Read 470 times)
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Re: Game console Emulators :-)
Reply #15 - Jul 28th, 2020 at 9:15am
well, yes and no, mostly no.
The hardcore gamers - ie: anyone willing to shell out for an xbox-'whatever the new one is called' or a playstation 5.
Will also have a 9 billion inch screen in 74k resolution to play them on.
And the performance you get from a console is always as good as a pc costing 2-3x more.
Watched a fascinating video on the nvi-me drive in the new ps5 - and why it changes a lot of how games are coded at the moment.

Handhelds have always been somewhat niche.
As someone who has pretty much played games exclusively on handhelds for the last 15 years or so. I know.

we're the antisocial buggers, who don't want to play with others, and won't spend all our money kitting out an entire room with pointless electronic gadgets Smiley

So after the total nonsense that is batocera - it's just too complicated and lacks any kind of easily accessible menu system.

I'm now looking at the nintendo gamecube.
It has a lot of the franchises I like: zelda, metroid. castlevania. And should emulate quite well.

I'm also fascinated to see what I eventually get ffrom china for 40.
I'm absolutely positive it won't be what they claim it is. We'll see.

On the other hand there are so many old consoles emulators and games that you can access for free - that look great on a small screen. And because tiny single board computers are getting more powerful and cheaper all the time - we are in a sort of renaissaince for hand hand and low budget held gaming.

My computer monitor is a 19 inch letterbox that doesn't even run at 720p.
So being able to run a game at 120fps and 4k - has zero meaning to me Smiley
But how well the psp and dreamcast emulators make the old games look - is pretty amazing.
Tekken 6 from the psp, through the pppspp (lots of p's and s's anyway) emulator, looks much better and runs smoother than mortal kombat on the switch.
And bear in mind I'm currently using a 45 processor with built in graphics to do all this.

I watch a couple of totally contrasting youtube channels.
one is Linus tech tips - where they regularly build gaming pc's that cost in excess of $20,000. And talk complete and total bollocks when they ever go low budget.

And LowSpec Gamer

That's the guy who started me down the emulation road.

And the 3000g is what I'm currently using.
The cardboard box is a bit high tech for me though. Mine is actually screwed to a piece of plywood.

He not only builds and sources very cheap pc's but works out how to get the latest AAA games to run on them Smiley
Also does a lot of emulation and reviews on the cheap emulation handhelds.
And he's called 'Alex' - so that's another point in his favour whistle

Oh yeah and my joypad actually sucks.
The analogue sticksa re just too long and the when playing shoot-em-ups it's almost impossible to control the ship Sad
Works great for beat-em-ups, but I use the d-pad for that and they are mostly just button bashers.
Mind you the d-pad is also useless for shoot-em-ups.
Damn shame as I've got about 5 gradious games on one of the psp downloads Sad

so currently looking for something better. 
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