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Comeuppance (Read 127 times)
Rat Man
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Dec 6th, 2019 at 10:51pm
    Have you ever witnessed a jerk getting exactly what he deserved?  While I was stationed at miserable hell hole Ft. Campbell, Kentucky the Mess Sergeant at the mess hall nearest us was a total ass.  Many Mess Sergeants are jerks for some reason.  This one was a jerk among jerks.  Everyone, even his own people, hated his guts.  And his food sucked. 
    I have always had a big appetite and have never been a fussy eater.  I would usually finish my meal then eat everything else at the table that wasn't consumed. I was well known as one who would pack it in. 
    One day I was in the mess hall with some friends.  The quality of this mess hall was below others that we were used to.  That day they were serving corned beef hash.  I grabbed a plate and sat down to eat.  It was all greasy fat and gristle.  I picked through it for a moment and could find nothing edible, even for me. 
    Maybe I was in a bad mood that day. If I had thought about it I wouldn't have done what I did next.  It was a crime of passion.  As I said, I'll eat almost anything.  It's hard to serve something that genuinely offends me.  This so called corned beef hash did.   I stood up, held the plate over my head, and hollered at the top of my lungs, "IF I CAN'T EAT THIS  (&&^%$b*^^%  (*&&^$#D# THEN NOBODY CAN!!!!  Then with all of my might I flipped the plate upside down and smashed it onto the table. 
     Then I sat down and waited for what ever grief would be coming my way.  I had broken at least three of four laws and very much expected some sort of punishment. So I sat and waited for it to come.  Nothing. Nothing at all.  Was I actually going to get away with my outburst in an army mess hall?  I was baffled.  I left the mess and went back to my barracks.
    The next day the reason for the lack of reaction to my outburst became clear.  By dumb luck I just happened to be behind the mess hall to see the asshole Mess Sergeant being led away by MPI in handcuffs.  He had been keeping most of the money that was supposed to be for food for the mess hall for himself.  He had been purchasing the cheapest, most substandard crap imaginable to serve to us. He didn't react when I smashed my meal onto the table because he knew it was garbage and I guess he didn't want to draw even more attention to that fact. 
      Ft. Campbell was a miserable place.  There was little joy to be had there.  Seeing one of the biggest jerks we had to deal with being led off to do a few years in a military prison did my heart much good. 
     So did you ever witness someone getting exactly what they deserved?
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