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Warbow penetration tests Tod's workshop w/ Joe Gibbs vid (Read 1091 times)
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Re: Warbow penetration tests Tod's workshop w/ Joe Gibbs vid
Reply #30 - Sep 4th, 2019 at 3:51pm
@Morphy... Itís not that itís that common. Itís just that I knew what terminology to search for because Iíve looked before. I participated in a research project several years ago for the FAA where we were trying to understand what the real danger was from falling drones. Congress told the FAA to come up with rules to regulate hobby drones, but nobody knew what the actual risks were to flying one over a crowded area, so we did a bunch of drop tests onto various targets representing a human head and tried to put some numbers behind the question so they could try to come up with reasonable safety rules. Did my work make a difference? I donít know, but I learned what chunky penetration was Smiley
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