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Crashing the Internet (Read 269 times)
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Crashing the Internet
Aug 8th, 2019 at 8:14am
Ghengisken mentioned a fear that we are one crash away from losing a lot of good information on slinging... here’s what would have to happen:
First, the computer hosting slinging.org would have to crash. Assuming that the web hosting is a tier2 data center, the on-site backup drives would also have to be corrupted.
Next, the backups at archive.org would also have to be lost. Given their purpose, Archive.org is probably distributed across multiple data centers with backups in separate locations.
Data centers are designed to be secure and robust. They don’t build them in areas where they are likely to encounter natural disasters, and the physical security is also good. Did you know that a tier 3 data center is required to have bulletproof panels in the reception desk in the lobby?  Required!  Seriously... who’s going to burst into a data center with guns blazing?! They are also required to have backup generators and fuel storage for power interruptions and short term events... And there are thousands of data centers spread around the world.
It’s actually quite difficult to take down “the Internet “. Our online slinging knowledge library is probably safer than you think, and it would be pretty difficult to have an Alexandria type of event, but still, I agree that a book version would be nice  Wink
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Re: Crashing the Internet
Reply #1 - Aug 8th, 2019 at 11:20am
and the three backups I have on different computers and drives would also have to disappear.

Mind you haven;t backed the forum up for a while.
Might do that at some point.
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