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interesting paracord (Read 229 times)
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interesting paracord
Mar 17th, 2019 at 3:09pm
I recently bought some 3mm paracord, chosen mainly for price and because I liked the colour (coyote).

So just now, while waiting for a raspberry pi to attempt to connect to my wireless network, I decided to take a small length apart.

About a foot. Took the middle out and was surprised to discover the middle was another braided cord !
About 1.5mm.
2 for 1 - plus even when you remove the core, the original cord doesn't go all floppy.

Then I did something very weird, which I'm not sure was intended by the manufacturers, or if it's repeatable.
I was trying to unravel the core, gripped a bit of end and pulled the rest down with fingernails.

What happened was I ended up with a single length, still braided a bit but about 4 times longer !
Perfect for deadlines, snares etc. You can even pull a loop from the end to secure something to it.

I'm going to have another go in a bit.
I would show pictures but phone in house and I'm in the workshop and can't be bothered to go get it Smiley

Never had braided cord inside paracord before, also never had a braided cord quadruple it's length and still stay a single braided cord before when I tried to unravel it either.

So is this normal, or did I do something patently impossible ?
I am wearing my team guam t-shirt, which may well have magical powers Smiley   
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Re: interesting paracord
Reply #1 - Mar 18th, 2019 at 4:29am
It's a double braid construction ,that part is quite common , the magic double length part I'm not so sure about , pictures??
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