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Custom shape and size Clay Glande Rollers (Read 398 times)
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Custom shape and size Clay Glande Rollers
May 31st, 2017 at 12:13pm
These are 2 part custom made moulds designed to produce consistently sized and shaped clay glandes by using a sliding motion to roll the clay into the required size and shape.

Mould lengths are twice the diameter of the glande plus 20mm. This gives plenty of length for a complete roll and after a fair bit of experimentation is what I've decided is an ideal length.

The moulds initially will come in three basic shapes:


Guam Inspired:

And the traditional ovoid.

The basic shape can be changed considerably, depending on the proportion of diameter to length.

So here are a few variations to give you the idea of how proportion makes all the difference.
Proportions are given as: Diameter : length
For example A glande 30mm diameter with a 60mm length would have a proportion of 1:2

1:1 - essentially round, not recommended as it's easier to just hand roll a rough sphere.





Bear in mind that the basic shape is NOT effected by the size of the glande - just the proportion of diameter to length.

Text Stamps
These are used to put a word into the clay while it's still fairly soft.
I find that if you wait a while after rolling for the clay to firm up slightly, pressing the text in doesn't deform the rest of the glande as much.

I will throw in 1 free text stamp with each mould set.

Bear in mind that the text stamps are currently straight (might tackle curved at some point in the future) and the glandes surface is curved. So short words or phrases currently work best.


Other things to bear in Mind. All sizes given are for fresh/wet glandes. Glandes will shrink and lose weight as they dry and harden. So if you actually want a hardened 60x30 glande. You'll probably need to start with something closer to 70x35 or even 80x40. To give you some idea.
My modelling clay guam glande that started out at 72mm x 37 (same size as my coral guam glande) used around 102 gms of wet clay.
Fully dry it weighs: 90.93
Length is now 65.5 and diameter is: 36.
So i lost around 10% weight, 10% length and hardly any diameter, kinda weird.
So aim for around 10% loss in weight and length on air dried clay.

By Default this will be PLA (Polylactic acid) A hard durable plastic. That is biodegrable if left in a hot compost heap for several years. It's produced primarily from cornstarch. So if you care, it's planet friendly and made from renewable resources.
It's a hard and pretty durable material and with a little care, your moulds should last for many years.

Colour will probably be either white or black, depending on what i have most of at the time.
I can also offer it in transparent, yellow and usually red.
If you want a specific colour, please ask - otherwise it's pot luck.

Premium Plastics

Metallic Filament

This comes in copper and aluminium

It's coloured with 30% actual metal powder and is around 3 times the cost of my normal pla. So if you want shiny metal looking moulds - enquire for availability and extra cost. As I haven't managed to buy decent sized reels of this stuff yet, I don't know what discount my mate at; www.3dexfilament.com is giving me for posting links to his website all over the place Smiley
So as he's currently out of stock on the aluminium - I haven't been able to buy any yet. Just had short sample lengths.

Size and Costing

All prices are in english pounds. Which means at the moment, europaens and americans are getting a great deal - canadians - not quite so much Smiley

Prices are based on a 30x50 glande being the base. Looks like this:

It's a good size and shape for distance slinging and you probably don't want to go much smaller.
They are pretty much the same size and shape as the ones Uwe was using last year.

Pricing will be calculated base proportionally on the volume of the mould in relation to the 30x50 standard.
Fortunately my slicer works this out for me. Given that volume encompasses both the amount of plastic and how long it will take to make - it's the fairest way I could think of and how most of the online print services calculate costs as well.
For the record a 30x50 mould set has a volume of: 45.7 cm cubed (45.68 rounded up)

So the 30x50 mould set (with free text stamp) will cost 10 plus p&p.
10 is the minimum price per set. So anything smaller than 30x50 will also cost 10. While anything larger will cost more.
Volumes are calculated by my slicing program Simplify3D - so if you think it's wrong - take it up with them Smiley It's the only slicer you buy and considered to be the best on the market - hey I paid for it, and I'm notoriously tight Smiley

Metallic pricing when I know myself Smiley

Volume Discounts
I will knock 2 off the overall bill for every subsequent mould you buy.
So theoretically if you buy 6 moulds the 7th could be completely free Smiley
ie: 2 moulds = 2 discount
3 moulds = 4 discount
4= 6 discount
And so on. There is no limit on the amount of discount you can have - the more moulds you buy - the more money you save Smiley

How It Works
Decide what size mould you would like and contact me. I will produce a 3d model of the glande and send that back to you with the calculated cost and p&p. If you are happy with the shape and cost, pay me via Paypal and I will make and ship the mould asap. Moulds can take anywhere from 5 hours on up to well over 10 to make. So I will undertake to ship within 3 days of receiving the order.
If there is a delay for any reason I will tell you.
I've just added another 3d printer so hopefully that will stop any obvious delays.

Is there a maximum size mould you can make ?
Yes. I can make moulds up to 140mm long and 120mm in diameter. As this would produce something about a third the size of a rugby ball and weighing around a kilo, I would imagine - I don't envisage anyone wanting something so large. But should you want to, for whatever reason - it is technically possible.

Is there a minimum size mould you can make ?
Yes - I can go down as low as 2.5x5mm - for anything smaller I'd need to rewrite the whole script - and that's not happening, unless someone offers me lots of money Smiley . I have no idea why you would want something so tiny - unless you intend to train cockroaches to sling. But it's technically doable.

Sample Transaction

So lets walk through a hypothetical purchase:

Fred: CA can you make me a traditional ovoid mould set that will make a glande 66mm long with a 33mm diameter. Can I have a text stamp with 'GOT YOU' as well please.

ME: Certainly fred. It will look like this:

Volume is 60.56.
So 1000 pence (10) divided by 45.7 = 21.88 - so moulds cost 21.88 pence per cm cubed.
60.56 * 21.88 = 1325 = 13.25
P&P should be around 4 to most places that aren't the uk. 2 if fred lives in the uk.
Overall cost of a 33x66 mould is:
15.25 if you live in the uk
17.25 if you don't live in the uk.

Fred: Works for me, have some money.
ME: Thank you very much, your mould should be ready tomorrow.

Approximately 8 days later.

Fred: Wow these are amazing, I've just ground up and used all the kitty litter, mixed with a little water it works great, I couldn't find any clay and who cares if the cat craps eveywhere - I have lots of really consistent clay glandes Thumbs Up

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Re: Custom shape and size Clay Glande Rollers
Reply #1 - Jun 1st, 2017 at 10:36pm
Excellent. I will definitely be purchasing some.

As for Fred, I dont know the man but I like his style. Litter boxes are over rated anyhow. (As are cats but dont tell my wife.)
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