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Couple of Articles I found Abou the Shepards Sling (Read 1458 times)
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Couple of Articles I found Abou the Shepards Sling
Nov 23rd, 2008 at 2:11pm
A while back I was cruising Googlebooks using various terms I found the following using the terms Shepherds Sling.

Now these tend to be huge books so I basicly condensed the slinging info.

I have posted some of the material on the General Forum.

I Have numbered them as to the page both of the Manuscript and of the PDF that I downloaded.

Marc Adkins

The Shepard Song Notes (1907)
by Rev. Faddoul Moghabghab

Pg.47 (pdf) Pg 31(mans)

The shepherds sling is always at work hurling stones to frighten the enemies away, and his voiceis ever herd in the slient dark hours.

Pg. 54(pdf) Pg 38 (mans)

I prefer to frighten away the wolves by my sling and my voice, to which my flock are strongly attached.

Pg. 66 (pdf) Pg 46 (mans)

Shepherds always carry a sling with them, which they make from the wool of the sheep. They practice a great deal with these slings, so that after a few yearsthey become expert at using them. Davids's sling was of more service to him than any other weapon. He certainly must have been an expert, for he killed Goliath, the phillistine, with the first stone. The tribesman of Benjamin, most of whom were shepherds, were noted for thier accurate use of the sling. " every one could sling stones at an hair bredth and not miss ( Judges xx 16)

Pg 112 (pdf) Pg. 80 (mans)

With the steel spike in the heels of his boots he crushes the head of the snake which coils itself on the road, and with his sling he frightens away the wolves that lurk behind the rocks.

Pg 139 (pdf) Pg. 104 (mans) Picture 2

(Note: Pic 2 shows a solid leather pouch with fiberous cord Sling)

Up the Nile and Home Again: A Handbook for Travellers, and a Travel-book  for the Library
by Frederick William Fairholt

Pg. 207 (mans) to Pg. 209 (mans)

Over the entire plain the position of the villages can be detected by the groups of Palm trees which protect them. The richest crops covered the plains, the lentils and barley were ripening, and very many men and boys were employed in slinging stones at the wild birds, to stop thier depredations.
Each Sling was formed from thick cords, knitted togather by the peasents. It was held by a loop passed round the second finger of the right hand as shown in the cut; the mesh which held the stone was of cord also, and a second cord was attached tot he oppisite side of it; the end of this cord was held in the hand when the sling was charged with a stone. when this stone was to be cast forth, the sling was whirled two of three times round the head, and then this second unlooped cord was allowed to fly forward with the stone in the manner displayed in the engraving.

The Holy Land and Syria Notes
By Frank Carpenter (1922)

Pg 248 (pdf)Pg. 161(mans)-Sling Materials

The sheperds are about the same all over Palestine, kindly eyed men wiht fair faces bronzed by the sun. They stay out all day  on the hills with the sheep, driving them into the villages at night. Each Shepard has his staff and his scrip, a little bag of dried skin. He uses a sling as David did to send a pebble just in front of any straying sheep so as to turn it back. The strings of the sling are made of goat hair, and the pad for the stone is of the same material, often made with a slit in the middle so that when a pebble is put into the sling fits cloase like a bag. Such slings are now used in fights between the boys of the villages, who practice to see who can throw stones the farthest.

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