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Slings at Troy (Read 1192 times)

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Slings at Troy
Feb 21st, 2007 at 12:43am
In the March 2007 issue of "Military History" there is an article about the Trojan War. Although the article is mainly about the ruse used by the Greeks to gain entrance into Troy, the last three paragraphs mention some of the weapons found in the site. "Two bronze spear points, three bronze arrowheads, and two partially preserved bronze knives have been found in the citadel and lower town. One of the arrowheads is of a type known only in the Greek mainland in the Late Bronze Age. The lower town has also yielded a cache of 157 sling stones in three piles. Another supply of a dozen smooth stones, possibly sling stones, was found on the citadel, in a building beside the south gate that looked to the excavators like a possible arsenal or guardhouse". This article was an excerpt from Barry Strauss' book The Trojan War, published by Simon & Schuster in 2006
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